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Last update : 7. March 2020

This whole house with an Eton net filter needs no introduction. Since purchasing the Cutler Hammer in 2012, Eaton has won prestigious awards and has become popular in the field of surge protection. Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA, a widely used model for domestic surge protection from the same manufacturer, is no exception.

Circulation, length 2.38, width 5.25, height 7.5 In order to obtain a complete surge protection for the whole enclosure, it is essential to look first at the equipment designed to protect against power surges and harmful fluctuations. If you already have surge protections (type 3 EPDs) in your house, you are almost ready to give your whole house 100% surge protection.

You can see the last prize here.

Already in the third grade. In the course of its development, this detainee has repeatedly introduced new levels of performance, first-class performance and reliability to the market. Be sure to read the complete list of all these home fire fighting products before purchasing.

Core Features and benefits

Maximum Pulse Rate (MSCC)

A minimum of 30 kA (30,000 amps) is a standard requirement for effective surge protection throughout the house. Most surge protectors on the market are 30 kA, which corresponds to the power ranges recommended by the IEEE. Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA far exceeds MSCC requirements and comes with a massive 108kA. With peak power, this device can probably block a few more bursts than is available on the market.

Modes of protection

Be careful with surge protections, the types of protection vary from brand to brand. To have full protection, all high performance pulse protectors must have all of the following features: and Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA.

L-N (line to neutral)

L-G (line to ground)

L-L (line to line)

N-G (neutral to soil)

The Square D HEPD80, a model of Schneider Electric, is also equipped with all the above protection classes.

Rated short-circuit current (SCCR)

The CHSPT2ULTRA is equipped with a 22kA SCCR, which is very good because short-circuit currents will never be as high as with surges. So the presence of 22 kA is already much higher than that of many brands in the sector.

Terminal voltage (also called voltage protection level)

The squeeze voltage is the amount of peak voltage passed through an surge protection device after the peak voltage has been blocked. So when you compare Eaton’s CHSPT2ULTRA RVP to the RVP normally found in shopping malls, it’s clear that Eaton is better able to control power surges than other brands.

L-N: 600V

L-G: 600V

L-L: 1000V

N-G: 800V

NEMA Type 4 Speaker

As you may already know, the NEMA Type 4 speaker is one of the best standard speakers. These type 4 enclosures are able to keep dirt, water and other things out, making them the best candidate for indoor and outdoor use.

Support, 2.38 Length, 5.25 Width 7.5 Height

EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate surge protection

  • Universal connection to the charging centre of any manufacturer (crusher box)
  • Easy to use
  • A high quality product

Who should buy it?

Homeowners who need a surge protector that can protect their entire home without spending money on a bomb should definitely take a look at this product. In fact, they have to buy both CHSPT2ULTRA (type 2) and type 3 protectors, which are surge protection belts. This suit will equip your whole house with a full two-layer surge protector.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

Homeowners who don’t have to protect the whole house from power surges shouldn’t buy this. Type 2 surge protectors assume that people with some knowledge of electricity are able to connect a surge arrester rigidly to their switchboard. Always hire a qualified electrician if you can’t do it yourself.

Is the price of the CHSPT2ULTRA Eaton reasonable?

The price depends on where you get it. But if you compare it to another similar product on the market in terms of strength and performance, you’re sure to get a better deal. I highly recommend it.

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Our evaluation and review of Eton’s CHSPT2ULTRA

9.2 General Ratings

This entire house line filter, approved by UL, a brand known for its reliability and performance, has characteristics that are difficult to compare with those of the competition. If you need a mains noise suppressor that provides maximum protection for all your electrical equipment indoors, Eaton’s CHSPT2ULTRA is the best choice. We gave it a score of 9.2, despite minor problems that do not affect the quality of the product itself. Customer support is subjective and the availability of additional modules also has its advantages.


  • Easy installation on loading ramps of all brands
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Increased productivity and reliability
  • NEMA Type 4 speakers (indoor and outdoor)
  • Excellent battery charge indicator 108 kA
  • Easy to understand LED status display
  • Impressive Maximum Pulse Rate (MSCC)
  • 4 Comprehensive security features
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Additional telephone and cable modules must be purchased.
  • Customer service can be improved
  • Not safe for self-installation (hiring an electrician is strongly recommended)

Assessing existing customers

Some customers have indicated that the wires are not long enough to be installed from above and below, but in our opinion, Eaton does this on purpose. People with electrical knowledge know that long wires create resistance. This increases the voltage above a certain current so that the device is no longer as efficient.

Minor defects – What to expect

Some customers complained that they had to purchase additional modules, which increased the total cost. Keep in mind, however, that individual modules can also mean that they are easy to replace, so owners do not have to buy a brand new unit.

Several customers mentioned poor customer service, which can be subjective depending on where you call from. We have tried to contact their customer service and have had no problems.

Another small problem is that it is NOT recommended that the owner does NOT install. A qualified electrician is always the best way to connect this device to your main switchboard.

Find out why this surge protector is found all over the Amazon.

Important product information and specifications

Article number : CHSPT2ULTRA

Height: 7.5 inches

Weight of goods: 1.0 pounds sterling

Length: 2.38 inches

Material: Plastics

Model number : CHSPT2ULTRA

Number of positions : 1

Meets the specifications: NEMA

Tension: 240.0 Volt

Width: 5.25 inches

What else should I know?

Eaton’s CHSPT2ULTRA is a Type 2 arrester, which means it protects up to 80% of all incoming spikes. For complete surge protection, it is always advisable to purchase a Type 3 surge protector for all your connected electrical equipment and devices such as laptops, mobile phones, TVs and printers, etc.

Conclusion – Do you even have to understand?

Just Go for Eton CHEST2ULTRA.



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