RV Surge Protectors – Best Review and Buying Guide 2020


If you are the proud owner of a pick-up, you probably invested a lot of money to equip your car with expensive electrical and electronic equipment.

However, sometimes only one harmful electrical voltage is needed to burn out all the valuable electronic investments of your RV. Why leave it to chance?

Do I really need an surge protector for RVs in 2020?

An surge protector should be one of the most important things you should buy for your RV.

I’m sure you have friends at RV who’ve never had a problem with a power surge, but anything can happen.

In RV parks or campsites, connecting the power cable of the RV directly to a power stage is like playing Russian roulette. Put a bullet in your gun. Turn the cylinder, place the muzzle on one side of the head. Pray and pull the trigger.

Why take the risk?

Below are a few reasons why over-voltage protection is mandatory, and you should get it as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.

Bad weather lighting – All it takes is a lightning bolt and a massive power surge to bake all your expensive electrical appliances, on-board equipment or even your entertainment system.

Why is only the zipper's best protection against voltage spikes used?

Incorrectly set outlet – it is inevitable that normally uncertified electricians will be hired to plug in the shore power outlet in parks or campsites.

If one of these electricians does not know what he or she is doing, a single fault on his or her part is enough to immediately damage any electrical equipment or wiring in your motor home.

A defective breeding ground on campsites is certainly not uncommon on breeding grounds with problems such as lack of neutrality, reverse polarity and lack of grounding.

Again, these problems will lead to unexpected damage to electrical equipment and devices that are integrated into the entire system.

Improperly maintained power outlets – Some of these unattended power outlets may cause under- and surge problems that will cause your instruments to operate below or above normal operating voltage.

And if this happens, heat generation is inevitable, which of course will lead to catastrophic damage to your RV and all electrical equipment inside.

The best zip guards for protection against stress spikes – what are the benefits?

Peak Voltage Protection – Whether you are on the road all the time or not, at some point there will be a big storm and when lightning strikes, you know that all your valuable electrical equipment and systems are well protected.

Incorrectly set basic protection – As I said before, it is not uncommon for unqualified electricians to perform an incorrectly set basic protection. Why take risks if you don’t have to?

Protection from a faulty electrical outlet as defined in – poorly maintained vans and campsites are everywhere, so there is no way you will ever have a problematic power source that will blow up your electrical systems.

Cheap investment – Buying a RV surge protector is the obvious choice if you are thinking about the money you can save at an unexpected peak or if you connect your RV to a faulty power supply.

Mind World – doesn’t play Russian roulette anymore if you connect to an electric platform on a campsite or in a bus park.

Owning one of these RV surge protectors allows you to think with peace of mind and focus on the most important things in life.

Disclaimer Note: This fact could shock you!

Most NOT RV area guards offer better protection for your RV.

So what is the main difference between a typical surge protector and a device equipped with an Integrated Energy Management System (EMS)?

Well, although it’s obvious, good surge protection usually protects against fluctuations, such as a huge power surge, especially lightning strikes and some fundamental error messages. And that’s it.

This equipment does NOT protect you from other things, such as a faulty base (open earth, open neutral or reverse polarity), improper wiring, high or low voltage, etc.

In addition, the surge protection devices (portable and permanently wired) supplied with the integrated EMS offer your carrier the same functions (depending on brand and model) as your own carrier:

  • Swing protection
  • Reverse polarity|Aterrestrial aperture|Neutral detection aperture
  • Polarity reversal|Open grounding|Open neutral protection
  • 240 V random protection
  • Incorrect display of the base
  • Display of peak voltage failure
  • Protection of air conditioning frequencies
  • and counting the numbers

2020 Best Buying Guide for RV Surge Protection

After filtering through many brands and models, our team has only found a handful that are really the best of the best.

Before we begin, we present to you our selection criteria for network filters that provide the best protection for your carrier.

Our selection checklist

Below is a checklist that we use to select the most suitable RV filter for our customers.

  • Built-in EMS functions [Must be present].
  • Surge protection [Must].
  • Detection and protection of open terrain, neutral and reverse polarity [Essential].
  • Random 240V protection [Must].
  • Incorrect specification of an outlet [Must].
  • Fault indication for voltage peaks
  • Protection of air conditioning frequencies
  • Delay [optional]
  • Built-in display [optional]
  • Weather resistance [optional].
  • Mounting bracket [option].
  • UL-certified [optional]
  • Suppression of Joley’s jumps [over 1790J]

The most important thing is that the wrist guards for RVs are not overvalued.

The price range for RV network protectors is ideally between $350 and $500, which is considered an excellent investment. Think what it would cost you if you had to replace all the damaged devices and electronic equipment in your van.

The following is a list of 5 RV surge protectors consisting of a wired and a portable .

They are all equipped with different functions of the EMS (Electrical Management System) , which are additional levels of protection that will protect your car at home from all kinds of unpleasant and harmful electrical conditions as mentioned above.

We highly recommend these 5 best surge protections for recreational vehicles

5 Surge protection devices We recommend.

1. EMS PT30X RV Industrial Progressive Surge Protector EMS PT30X RV [30 Amps]

If you are looking for a surge protector that offers most, if not all, of the electrical protections of all the other surge protector products on the market, then you should put Progressive Industries’ EMS-PT30X on your shopping list.

This multifunctional arrester is guaranteed for life and comes with 1790 joules surge protector.

If your RV is equipped with a 50 AMP motor, you will need an EMS-PT50X, which offers a colossal 3580Joule surge protection.

EMS-PT30X RV Portable Recreational Vehicle Surge Protection Basic Features

  • Swing protection
  • Open earthing, open sensing and protection against neutralisation and polarity reversal
  • 240 V random protection
  • Incorrect wiring Reference to an electrical outlet
  • Fault indication for voltage peaks
  • Protection of air conditioning frequencies
  • Deadline
  • Integrated scrolling digital display
  • Show previous error code

Our Rating –  9.5 

In addition to the EMS functions mentioned above, we are also impressed by the fact that both the EMS-PT30X and the EMS-PT50X are weatherproof (robust lexan housing and all weatherproof assemblies). And with their sturdy and reliable mounting bracket (theft protection) and robust clamping lever, they are without doubt one of the best surge protections for RVs designed for excessive outdoor use.

2. [Portable] Over-voltage protection 34950 120/240 V Full over-voltage protection [50 A]

When it comes to the production of high-quality antivirus barriers, Surge Guard (from Southwire) is the only brand on an equal footing with Progressive Industries.

The unique feature of the Surge Guard 34950 is that it has surge protection on both the line and charging side. It also protects any faulty wiring or electrical devices coming from inside your RV, which is huge in our book plus .

And if your van is equipped with 30 amps, you should get your 30 amp model.

Another impressive feature is that the Surge Guard only takes 10 seconds to analyze whether unpleasant electrical conditions arise from the power supply column on campsites or in bus parks.

It also has a locking ring to scare off jealous eyes and hands (theft).

Southwire Surge Protection 34950 - Full portability protection with LCD, 50A, black color

Key features

  • Over-/undervoltage (input)
  • Neutral driver protection open (entrance side and van side)
  • Protection against wilderness
  • Overheating protection of the plug/regenerator
  • Reverse polarity protection (input)
  • Fault indication for voltage peaks
  • Incorrect display of the base
  • Switch-on delay (10 seconds).
  • Built-in LCD display
  • Diagnosis of the power connection
  • Weatherproof

Our Rating – 9/10 

This Surge Guard surge protector is definitely worth your investment if you are looking for a fast start-up time of only 10 seconds. We also appreciate the fact that any internal wiring or electrical faults in the RV can be detected and prevented. Please note, however, that only the 34950 comes with a neutral driver’s protection open on the side of the van. The price is a bit high, but we still need it, it is one of those surge protectors that is worth a long term investment if you are on the road most of the time.

3. Camco 55306 Surge protection [50Amps]

Camco 50 AMP with built-in surge protection, with easy to use PowerGrip handles In addition, the Camco 55306 (50 Amps) and Camco 55301 (30 Amps) are equipped with a handy handle for quick and easy connection and disconnection of the power supply.

The 50 amp model is equipped with a 3850 joule surge protector and has diagnostic lamps for visual indication of faults such as reverse polarity, open neutral, wiring with plug problems, and these are just a few examples.

Camco 50 AMP Power Defender with built-in surge protector and easy to use PowerGrip handles

Key features

  • Protection against high (>132 VAC) and low voltage (<102 VAC).
  • Automatic disconnection of hazardous voltage
  • Automatic reconnection when power supply is stabilized
  • Diagnostic lamps for visual indication of faults such as reverse polarity, open neutral and power base wiring problems.
  • Integrated surge protection
  • Weatherproof

Our Rating – 7/10 

If you’re looking for a surge protector (without EMS function) for your RV at an affordable price, the Camco 55306 is the best option. There is also concern that it is a bright yellow shell because it could be thrown into the victim’s eye for a robbery. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

4. EMS-HW50C EMS RV [Wired] EMS-HW50C EMS RV Surge protection devices [50 Amp].

If you’re like me, who’s never in a hurry to take portable electrical components somewhere, this wired RV network filter might be for you.

The EMS-HW50C is a unique effort – you can even do it yourself if you have a technical training. It has all the features of its portable EMS counterparts and, above all, is slightly less expensive.

The difference between this device and its portable counterparts is that it is UL-certified and complies with CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards.

What makes me happy is the remote display function, which means you don’t have to step out of the van just to read the digital display in rough weather. This wired unit also comes with the 30A model and both models also have a lifetime warranty.

Progressive Industries HW50C Hard Mount EMS Surges and electrical protection - 50 Amps

Key features

  • Swing protection
  • Open earthing, open sensing and protection against neutralisation and polarity reversal
  • 240 V random protection
  • Incorrect wiring Reference to an electrical outlet
  • Fault indication for voltage peaks
  • Protection of air conditioning frequencies
  • Adjustable delay
  • Remote display
  • Show previous error code
  • UL-certified
  • Meets CSA standards
  • lifelong guarantee

Our Rating – 9.5/10 

It’s hard not to love this 3580J EMS-HW50C with its digital remote display of various power information without leaving your RV. We particularly appreciate it that caravan owners like you do not have to constantly report your expensive surge protector in the middle of the night if it is stolen. If you travel frequently in Canada and abroad, it is a good idea to have a surge protector that meets Canadian safety standards.

5. Rigid mounting] 35550 Surge protection model [50 Amp]

35550 Hardwire model - 50 Amp. If you’re not a big fan of RH beep protectors for the progressive industry, don’t worry.

Southwire also has an equally powerful EMS network filter for your RV.

This 3850J 50 amp surge protector provides 24-hour protection against all types of harmful power sources before they can damage your RV’s electrical equipment and installations.

As with Progressive Industries’ models, the presence of a wired unit in a RV will prevent possible damage due to adverse weather conditions.

It will also bring you peace of mind, because it has no chance of being stolen at night.

Also note that the Surge Guard 35550 is an updated version of its predecessor 34560. It is also equipped with 30 amps, model 35530.

Hard cable model

Key features

  • Over-/undervoltage (input)
  • Protection of open neutrality (input)
  • Protection against wilderness
  • Reverse polarity protection (input)
  • Fault indication for voltage peaks
  • Incorrect display of the base
  • Switch-on delay (128 sec.)
  • Remote controlled LCD display ($100 extra)
  • UL list
  • Diagnosis of the power connection
  • Weatherproof

Our Rating – 8.5/10 

While this 35550 is almost as good as the Progressive Industries model, we don’t like the fact that we have to raise extra money to get a remote-controlled LCD feature that may not make sense for most pickup owners. Since this is a fixed-wired surge protector, the external LCD display must be displayed by default. What also bothers us is the lack of protection against overheating of the sockets. Besides that, we still think it’s worth it for van owners who spend most of their time on the road.

Do I need to purchase a portable or hard-wired surge protector?

As you may already know, portable impulse protectors for recreational vehicles are simply ready to use. And there’s no fighting, even if you have to put it in the parking lot.

Electrical skills and knowledge are not needed at all.

For the wired type, you may need to have electrical skills or pay extra for someone to connect to your van for you.

And, of course, you wouldn’t take the risk of stealing a surge protector.

So whatever you choose, it should depend on your technical training or your preference for a portable device that you can connect anywhere.

Conclusion – Which one should I really choose?

Progressive Industries and Surge Guard (Southwire) are the two most popular brands in the United States and their customer service is truly first class. Not to mention the lifetime warranty they offer on most of their products.

Personally, I would go to Progressive Industry if I really had to choose one.

Did you ever figure out how much money you’d have to embezzle if your van burned to the ground?

This should include all the expensive furniture and electrical appliances in your Progressive Industries RV.

The Top 5 recommended RV network protections above may save you a lot of money by preventing unnecessary damage to your RV.

What about surge protections for unknown recreational vehicles found in shopping malls? They may be cheap, but they can cause incalculable damage to your RV once your luck runs out.



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