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Last update : 11. March 2020

Most homeowners are not aware that the Square D HEPD80 is capable of protecting all the bulky and expensive devices that would otherwise NOT be compatible and do not fit into the standard surge protection. For example, for example… Of course, you cannot connect an air conditioner or a surge protected output with multiple outputs.

Schneider Electric D-square HEPD80 Protection Device for Home Electronics

This is where D HEPD80 Plaza comes in to save the day. It is a type 2 surge protector (SPD), which can block strong surges up to 80 kA. In the rest of this document we will review the whole situation. Perhaps you would like to know the characteristics of the Schneider Electric Surge Protection House as a whole.

Schneider Electric Square D HEPD80 – What we like

Core Features and benefits

The Square Dâ„¢ The HEPD80 is a very popular surge protector, designed for home or office workplaces. It is our duty to reduce the enormous power surges (especially lightning strikes) that normally block Independent Voltage Protection (SPD) and cause indescribable damage to all consumer electronics and connected fittings.

It also provides surge protection for large household electrical components such as refrigerators, stoves and household lighting, etc.

Quick and easy installation

Even if you only have a basic knowledge of electrical engineering, the Square D HEPD80 can be installed in the vicinity of the load center without much effort. If you or one of your friends has no knowledge or skills in the field of electrical engineering, you must of course, for safety reasons, hire a qualified electrician to do the work.

Light and compact

With its small footprint and compact dimensions, the installation does not require much effort and can probably be integrated into any main switchboard, regardless of its size. You don’t have to worry that the large surge protector you just bought won’t fit in a rupture disk.

Fans of Schneider Electric Square D will be pleased to know that the HEPD80 is now colour integrated with the charging centre and also contains an installation kit.

Ability to withstand severe conditions

You will also be pleased to know that the Schneider Electric SPD type 2 enclosure is designed for harsh environments and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Five years product warranty and longer

The Square D comes with an impressive 5 year product warranty. And if lightning struck the house and the HEPD80 was unable to suppress the high power surges, you’ll receive up to $50,000 in damage for all your burned-out appliances and electrical equipment.

Our 2020 Review of D HEPD80from Schneider Electric

9/10 Our Rating

When it comes to performance, few competitors in the industry can match the 80 kA surge protection and the enormous 80,000 amp peak current. We are impressed by the fact that the HEPD80 has indicator lights (on the front of the device) that can give us real-time feedback. As I said before, if you have mastered electrical knowledge or if you have hired a qualified electrician, the installation of this device should take 15 minutes. If you are in an area of lightning like Florida, where lightning is the main cause of electrical surges, this lightning rod from Schneider Electric is the salvation for your electronics and appliances.


  • An affordable price
  • Safety is guaranteed because it is approved by UL1449 and CSA, 3. The Type 1 SPD has been approved.
  • Protection against 80 kA surge and 80,000 ampere surge.
  • LED indicators provide real-time feedback


  • The brightness of the LED is too low for the eyes, but as far as we know this problem has been solved in the most recent models.

Schneider Electric D-square HEPD80 Protection Device for Home Electronics

Schneider Electric HEPD80 Protective equipment for home electronics

  • The same protection for circuits and sockets throughout the house. Protect instruments/devices not connected to the reference band.
  • LED display included
  • NEMA 4X for indoor/outdoor use, 80,000 amp peak current, 25,000 amp SCCR. CSA and UL 1449 3. Bracket Type 1 EPD

Assessing existing customers

Most customers who bought the Square D HEPD80 said the installation was generally simple. Some recommend the purchase of a second device for the maintenance of the device, which generates jumps for the main subpanels of the house.

Minor defects – What to expect

Some buyers showed little concern about certain units produced in Mexico and not in the United States. But according to Schneider Electric’s support, the quality of production is very high due to strict quality control. So it’s not important to know which country produces them.

Find out why this whole house in the Amazon is getting good reviews.

Who should buy it?

If you have a house with a limited budget and limited knowledge of electrical engineering and a real need to protect all the bulky appliances in your home, such as air conditioning, washer and dryer and a built-in oven, then the Square D HEPD80 should probably be on your shopping list.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

If you’re the one who only needs to protect electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and small household electrical appliances, then a Tripp Lite TLP808NETG is probably the best choice.

Is the price reasonable?

At its current price it is very affordable compared to other brands on the market. So, if you’re on a tight budget but seriously need to protect the equipment for your entire home, then the price of this Plaza D network security should be your best choice when it comes to installation, operation and performance.

Important product information and specifications

  • Article number : HEPD80
  • Article weight : GBP 2,1
  • Product dimensions: 2.7 x 3.8 x 3.6 inches
  • Model number : HEPD80
  • The size: 1-(package)
  • Quantity of goods in packaging : 1
  • Measuring system : English
  • certification: CSA/NEMA/UL
  • Are the batteries on? No.
  • Do you need batteries? No.
  • Warranty description: 5 years product warranty

What else should I know?

In addition, the HEPD80 can be used as protection against voltage peaks in homes and offices:

Electrical protection, control and monitoring solutions
Solar home systems
Temperature monitoring
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Charging centres/CSED/measuring equipment for electric vehicles
Charging centres/CSED/measuring equipment

Points of attention when installing the D HEPD80S

Make sure the Square D unit is installed on the main distribution panel. And you’ll want to step up the tension in a house with a good piece of land.

Please note that the HEPD80 comes with sacrificial components (technical term: Metal Oxide Variator) and has a limited lifespan.

In the event of a destructive power surge, the panel and the HEPD80 are likely to be fried, but your wiring and electrical equipment must be well protected.

Conclusion By Experts

The HEPD80 Square D is undoubtedly a must for your whole house if you already have surge protection strips in your house.

A lightning arrester for your entire home, as well as surge protections for all your electronic equipment, provide complete protection for your home. Say goodbye to all unpleasant lightning strikes and short, frequent splashes.

Contrary to what most homeowners think, the damage caused by power surges in the home is definitely greater than that caused by lightning.

We hope this overview of Square D surge protectors will be useful to you and help you make the best decision about buying a surge protector for your entire home.



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