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My former client recently contacted me and wrote me this presentation of the Siemens FS140. He told me that a few nights ago lightning struck and his impulse protection strip and all connected electronic devices were almost completely destroyed.

I told him that type 3 DBPs at home were not enough to block such strong fluctuations and advised him to get type 2 DBPs for the whole house. The SPD type 2 is a rigidly mounted SPD installed on the main switchboard.

Type 3 Surge Arrester

Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Arrester Rated Power 140,000 Amps

A few days later he called and asked if he should take the Siemens FS140. That’s why I decided to inspect the entire Siemens mains filter. It is mainly intended for future visitors who may be looking for product evaluations for the same brand and model.

In my work I often hear terrible stories from clients and friends. These people are often victims of enormous voltage spikes that cause costly damage to electrical appliances in their homes. I hope this review will help someone make a wiser purchase decision and better protect their home from the devastating power surges.

Core Features and benefits

General protection of residential and commercial buildings

I’m always impressed by the Type 2 detainees, who are very versatile. Just like FirstSurge, it can work with any brand of freight center. It doesn’t matter where you put it. This universal surge protector starts working as soon as it is powered and connected to a two-pole circuit breaker of 30A or less.

3 Commercial messages [visual and audible warnings and signals]

What distinguishes the Siemens FS140 from its competitors is the commercial class of message diagnostics on three levels. [LED, audible alarm and flashing red LED].

As we know, all surge protections are sacrificed after blocking harmful currents and voltages.

If it is no longer able to provide surge protection, it will warn you immediately with messages such as beeps and flashing red LEDs before it is replaced.

Response time less than 1 nanosecond

A response time of less than 1 nanosecond can only mean that your devices are in good hands. If an unpleasant surge flows through the load centre, it is blocked almost immediately.

NEMA enclosure type 4

This in-line filter can be used both indoors and out, thanks to the commercial quality of the NEMA Type 4 housing. The Nema housing type 4 is able to offer a certain degree of protection against the influences mentioned below.

  • Water jet
  • wind-blown dust and rain
  • Rain or damage due to external ice formation

Product warranty Decade

FS140 10-year limited warranty on products and connected devices. This should give you more certainty than most competitors in the industry.

Who should buy it?

If you need a reliable, safe and ready to use surge protection device for your entire home, this FirstSurge device from Siemens will certainly work. There is no doubt that it is important and that the price is a bit high. But the features and benefits of the surge protector you get are certainly worth more than the cost of replacing your burnt out devices and electronics.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

This large [10 x 6 x 4 inches] surge protector from Siemens may not fit in the panel. Don’t forget to measure your panel before you receive it. So yes, of course, it’s nothing for you if you have a panel that doesn’t fit the size of a Siemens FS140.

There’s another reason why it might not be for you. Additional costs are incurred for the separate purchase of protective equipment for coaxial and telephone systems. If you don’t have a budget for these accessories, you shouldn’t use the FS140 because you won’t have full jump protection for your entire home.

Is the price reasonable?

In our opinion the price of the Siemens FS140 is slightly higher for most owners. But given the features and benefits you get from this surge protector, such as the 140,000 amps voltage and the three-step notification diagnosis, it’s still quite a purchase.

You can see the last prize here.

Our review and evaluation of Siemens FS140

8.8/10 – General Ratings

Unlike its competitors, Siemens FirstSurge has acoustic warning signals for the fair. A flashing red light also warns you of a dangerous problem due to a compromised electrical system that is neutral to the earth connection. This is in addition to the normal green LED message. The Siemens FS140 is also equipped with 140,000 amps, which means it can block more unpleasant faults from the inside. Although the price is a budget constraint for most homeowners, we believe that this working network filter is worth more than the price.


  • Level 3 of notifications at the marketing stage
  • Accelerated current capacity 140,000 amps
  • Modular surge protection system
  • Type 4 Nema housing
  • Response time less than 1 nanosecond
  • UL 1449 is on the list
  • 10-year warranty on the product and connected devices


  • Large size and surface area
  • It’s more expensive than most EPDs.
  • Additional purchase required to protect coaxial and telephone systems

Assessing existing customers

Several buyers indicated that the surge protection was too large for their standard. However, it was also mentioned that the size is not important if the installation is done outside the box through a tube. Moreover, the device is not significant in terms of quality and surge protection.

Find out why this Siemens surge protector has been rated so well by Amazon.

Minor defects – What to expect

As I said before, apart from the fact that this type 2 EPD is too large to be installed in the main service panel, there are actually no problems with the quality of the product.

Important product information and specifications

Article number : FS140

Article weight : GBP 2,7

Product dimensions : 10 x 6 x 4 inches

Model number : FS140

The color: 4

The strength of the peak current: 140,000 amps.

Quantity of goods in packaging : 1

Certification: impeccable certification

Do you need batteries? No

What else do I know about the Siemens FS140?

Some customers have asked what happens when the audible alarm goes off? Is there any way to keep it a secret? Once the alarm has sounded, the device has finished its work and needs to be replaced. So if you turn him over and disconnect him from the switchboard, he’ll be silenced.

If you really want to protect your home 100% against power surges, you must be prepared to purchase an additional connection and device for the Siemens FSCATV Coaxial System and Siemens FSPHONE Phone System.

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Conclusion – By Experts

You need to buy the entire Siemens surge protection house if size and cost are not a problem for you. In general, I personally think that the price is very reasonable for surge protection and the associated performance features.



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