Why Do We Need High Joules Rating Surge Protectors


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the wide variety of brands or even models you can choose from when shopping in malls?

It’s even worse if you buy your stuff online, whether it’s products, gadgets, jewelry, etc., that you can’t find online.

Buying gauze filters is no different, not only do we have to sneak through hundreds and thousands of different brands and models, but we also have to fight against terms like Joel’s rating?

Do you get them with low or high notes in joules?

I can feel your pain. The same thing happened to me when I ordered my first surge protector, I ordered it blindly and I made a mistake.

Fortunately, I was able to bring it back for another model that suited me.

I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did, and I hope the information below will help you.

What is the nominal value in joules of the surge protections?

If you’ve never had a network security device, it’s highly unlikely you know what joules are. Joley is essentially a single measure of energy (watt-seconds).

For example, 400 joules is like leaving a 400-watt vacuum cleaner for a second.

The joule rating is commonly known as the Energy Absorption Rating, which essentially indicates how much energy (power) a surge protector can absorb before it stops working (and also protects your equipment from voltage surges).

The number of joules in the detainee is reduced when a spike due to lightning or transients is needed.

Do you need surge protectors with a high joule value?

The answer is NO.

A lightning protector with a high joule value in your home or office is definitely NOT , which is an indicator for the best protection against lightning strikes.

Instead, select a device with a forward voltage of and a response time of .

The forward voltage of, also known as surge protection The rated voltage or terminal voltage is the maximum voltage that the surge protection device may carry before starting the surge protection device, and allows only the standard current to pass through the connected loads (your computer or electronic equipment).

Response time is the time taken to activate an surge protector – usually measured in nanoseconds.

Longer reaction times increase the risk of damage to connected devices during voltage spikes. Try to get a lightning protector with a reaction time of 1 nanosecond or less than.

A lightning rod with a high Joule value in your home or office will not provide better protection against transient phenomena such as lightning strikes because it is not a measure of the performance of a lightning rod in minimizing peak voltage.

While there are other factors to take into account when choosing the most suitable protector for your home, it is important that the next time you buy an protector, at least check the response time of joules at, joules at and the flow rate of / connection voltage of .

If you have high-end equipment at home or in the office, I strongly recommend that you purchase a surge protector with a nominal value of Joule and Joule, with a fast response time and a blocking voltage of no more than 400 Volts.

Our choice of the 3 best surge protections

Belkin 12-outlet power cord surge protector with 2.5m cable - ideal for computers, home theater, appliances, office equipment and more (4320 joules)

[1] Surge protection with 12-wire Belkin plug and 8-foot cable

  • Surge protector with 12 plugs and an 8 ft/2.4 m long cable.
  • Compact combination of rotary (8) and fixed brackets (4)
  • Protects computers, appliances, home cinema and office equipment from potentially dangerous voltage surges.
  • It is guaranteed for life and protected by a $300,000 warranty on connected devices.
  • specifications: 4,320 J rated power / 6,000 W maximum peak voltage / AC 15A, 125V, 1875W

Tripp Lite 10 outlet with surge protection, 8 foot cable, Tel/DSL protection, RJ11 and over $150,000 insurance (TLP1008TEL)

[2] Tripp Lite 10 Protective gasket for protection against voltage peaks at output

  • Protects any electronic device against surge and voltage spikes.
  • Powerful AC OFF current with TEL/DSL protection : This surge protector is equipped with ten NEMA 5 15R outputs, of which four transformer plugs can be connected.
  • The safety classification in the highest first joule corresponds to the safety standards of UL 1449.
  • Practical options for any environment : 2.5-metre AC power cables provide access to remote power outlets
  • Lifetime warranty, $150,000 insurance: A limited lifetime warranty and $150,000 life insurance covers all connected devices damaged by a power surge.


Tripp Lite Isobar 10 audio/video output chassis/modem/coax/network switch cable at an 8-foot right angle, $500,000 coverage (HT10DBS)

[3] Tripp Lite Isobar 10 audio/video output surge protector

  • Ten-outlet surge protection and coaxial/telephone/modem/ethernet protection is ideal for all your home theatre/work installations Protection of HDTVs, satellite and AV receivers, DVD/CD players and more against dangerous power surges, voltage spikes and line noise.
  • This surge protector provides full AC protection with ten NEMA 5-15R outputs housed in two exclusive insulated filter glasses that prevent equipment connected to one glass from interfering with equipment connected to another glass.
  • Built-in 12A circuit breaker protects all outputs and turns off connected equipment in case of overload Diagnostic LEDs confirm at a glance that you are grounded and protected 3840 joule means maximum protection for your equipment Complies with current UL 1449 3rd edition safety standards
  • This black surge protector has ten common sockets and coloured labels above the sockets to identify the connections at a glance.
  • A limited lifetime warranty and an insurance policy of up to $500,000 covers all connected devices damaged by a power surge.

Do you really need high-tech surge protections?

According to Credence Research, the market for surge protection is expected to reach 3.15 billion by 2022, which obviously means that more people will invest in better surge protection systems as more and more high quality electrical and household appliances such as home theatres, LCD TVs, PCs, etc. come onto the market. If you are looking for surge protections that can protect your entire home, you can view our reviews of entire brands and models of surge protections in your home.

If, like me, you’ve invested thousands of dollars in high-end electronics and kitchen appliances, I’m sure you’ll want to invest in a reliable Joule index surge protection system that can protect all your valuable investments in electronics and electricity.



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