How to Choose Travel Surge Protector – 5 Best Reviewed in 2020


I like to pack and carry as little as possible when traveling. No matter how much I want it, I always take a portable network filter with me. I ordered my first one when my beloved VCR was baked on a stormy night in a hotel abroad.

Portable surge protector I was on a business trip. Buying a surge protector to protect my electronics was the last thing that came to mind.

The next morning, hoping for a miracle, I brought my dead VCR to the store. The technician told me that my once living VCR was gone forever – probably due to a huge energy overload.

I knew it. I knew it. It must be a storm.

After some research I ordered one online the same day.

I’ve never eaten electric fries since (cross your fingers).

Today, my most important accessories for road traffic include a number of light travel peak protection devices. They are now my reliable companions who help me keep more and more electrical appliances.

I follow the basic list of selection criteria when I buy a portable network filter.

The following list may be useful if you accidentally search.

The best travel network filter doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is time, patience and lots of tests to find the one that suits you best.

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Below you’ll find a list of the brands and models I currently use and my comments on them. I chose them mainly because they are correctly rated in joules, light and extremely easy to wear. Most importantly, they are equipped with features that meet my growing need for surge protection.

Accell 3 – Travel Surge Protection Overview

Accell 3-Output Travel Surge Protector with 2X USB 2X charging sockets and sync pin - Black - 612 joules, 2.1A USB output, ETL Listed

These 3 Accell sockets made a good impression on me when I knew they had a foldable plug. It meets my need for easy storage and easy portability.

In addition to the 2 USB ports, it has an surge protection of 612 joules, which is the average for portable surge protection devices. If you need permanent surge protection, this is the right one. It comes with a robust and shockproof housing.

This is my main recommendation, especially because of the X3-MOV technology. It is able to quickly detect and absorb power surges and conduct this excess power to the ground.

The only disadvantage is that both USB ports are powered (2.1A, 5V, 10W total power). This may not be enough for those who need a quick indictment.

Tripp Lite SK3-0 Overview

Tripp Lite 3 Output Portable Surge Protective Seal, Direct Drive, $5,000 Insurance (SK3-0)

This triple line filter is equipped with clear diagnostic LEDs that indicate the status (PROTECTED and PROTECTED). This SK3-0 surge protector is definitely one of my favorites, because it is really light at 3.2 oz.

The space-saving, plug-in design saved me the trouble. No power cable getting in the way.

You will be pleased to know that this 660 joule class surge protector is equipped with a robust, fire retardant housing. It is also certified according to the UL 1449 safety standard. If you know the budget, that’s good news for you, because this network filter won’t cost you a bomb.

It would be nice if it came with some USB ports. Besides, it’s almost impossible to blame him.

BESTTEN 3 Portable Input Surge Protection – Overview

Travel Force Lining - Best portable mini pulse protection with 3 outputs and 2 USB ports, low-profile socket adapter with short 18 extension cable, On-The-Go charging, ETL certified, Blackout

This miniature travel line filter, lightweight and extremely compact, has been my reliable companion for 6 months. What I like about this BEST surge protector is the red LED. The red LED blinks in case of overload or short circuit.

Despite the unfortunate 300 joules and the 110V requirement, I’m really impressed with the compact size. The slim body fits perfectly in my backpack and I like the fact that you can hold the power cord by wrapping it around your body.

Although it is certainly not the cheapest in its class, it is a product that I would use for a long time on the road.

360 electric 36053-2CA6ES-R2 Overview

360 electric 36053-2CA6ES-R2

First of all I have to admit that I was attracted by the double-turned plugs built into the graceful curved body. This 306 joule in-line filter not only has a small, compact housing, but also a foldable design with direct connection.

It also has 2 USB ports and 2 indicator lights.  The green LED indicates Earth status and The blue LED indicates Protected status .

A green light indicates that your plug is grounded, a blue light indicates that your device is well protected. It weighs only 8 ounces and is without doubt the ideal surge protector for people on the move.

Belkin BZ103050-TVL Overview

Belkin BZ103050-TVL

This Belkin portable surge protector is not only lightweight, it also features two USB ports for fast charging. These fast USB charging connectors deliver a total power of 1 ampere, which is certainly a big advantage for me.

The rotating wall socket is another bonus for those who have to fight with a wall socket located in a small and limited space. In addition to its blatantly intelligent and elegant design, this 918 joule arrestor has one of the highest surge protection values in its class.

I’m just complaining that it would be better if he was thinner. It doesn’t fit very well in my backpack. However, the very low price and fast USB charging ports are more than enough to compensate for this.

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When it comes to choosing network security for each type of trip, there is really no solution. It depends on someone’s preferences and necessities of life. Besides, it’s very important to bring one of us along. Especially if we travel around the world and know that our expensive electrical equipment is protected in case of a terrible power surge.


Selection criteria for surge protection

Selection criteria

Joel’s note is the first thing I look for when searching for network protectors. Whether it’s for customers, at home, in the office or on the road. I always want my surge protector to last as long as possible. Each jump or thrust from which they are protected takes away part of their previous life span (in joules). When the joule evaluation ends, a replacement is inevitable.

Maximum 3 – 4 Output – 3 is the magic number I am usually looking for. A little more than that will increase the weight of the surge protector. If I have to go to a customer meeting, I need a lightning rod that gives me no reason to complain. I use it to charge my phone, smart clock and laptop/USB hard drive. That’s all I need when I go to a local meeting.

The size and the weight are synchronized with the 3 criteria of the tree I had before. If you do not have many electrical devices that need to be recharged during the journey, you will need to take care of your lungs.

USB ports is a subjective requirement. Not everyone will need USB ports like me, who owns tons of electrical devices. If you have many USB devices, make sure they have USB ports.

Power cord or direct plug – Personally I prefer direct plugs because they are lighter and more compact without a power cord. They fit perfectly in my backpack when I travel, both for professional and private use.

Sustainability is not an important criterion, at least not for me. The demand for longevity is subjective and depends mainly on a person’s lifestyle. I’m not an adventurer and I don’t have grandchildren when I travel. That’s why I don’t look at people who meet those criteria. If you have children at home or expect them to be abused in between trips, you probably need permanent treatment.

Price Day – Price is my last criterion when choosing the brand and model I want to buy Generally, the best surge protections that are really good for my trip are not expensive at all. Having the most expensive protection does not mean that the is suitable for the of your trip. Always be open if you are looking for a solution that really suits your travel style and requirements.


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