How Long Will Surge Protectors Last?


If you want to protect your electrical equipment with a lightning arrestor between the device and an electrical outlet, this is the best idea. You can protect your devices from voltage surges and supply DC voltage.

Sudden voltage surges can seriously damage your equipment, and surge protections are designed to prevent such conditions.

If you think the surge protector will last a lifetime, you’re wrong. They have a certain lifespan and at some point they will no longer protect your equipment from power surges. Their value is reduced to simple socket strips, which do not protect your electronic equipment at all.

It is actually quite difficult to see when the arrester loses its protective effect and how a normal extension hose works. If you have been using them for ten years, they have long since become irreplaceable and you are already at great risk of damage.

A number of factors determine the lifespan of a surge protector, including the number of thunderstorms in your area, the various household appliances that can cause a voltage drop and the utility company’s network problems. These factors can help you determine whether your network filter is usable or ready to be replaced.

Wave protection Life expectancy

Surge Protectors have a certain life expectancy

The main function of a surge protector is to draw power from a wall socket. You are responsible for taking care of the extra voltage and protecting the device or equipment from its adverse effects.

A typical line filter usually consists of a component called a metal oxide variable (MOV). When the voltage drops, it supplies additional current to the MOV component, reducing the voltage. It is able to control a small number of large jumps as well as a large number of small jumps. This additional energy does not reach your unit and disintegrates into the MOV, thus protecting your unit.

Once your surge protector has absorbed a certain number of spikes, it stops working normally and becomes an unnecessary extension hose. This means that your devices are no longer protected and may be subject to power surges.

How can I determine whether or not a surge protector works?

The service life of the surge protector cannot be guaranteed and may fail at any time for some unknown reason. Some surge protections have a built-in light indicating that a problem has occurred or needs to be replaced. However, this lightweight system cannot be considered reliable.

As soon as you see a warning sign on your surge protector, you should replace it as soon as possible. Never think that a 10 year old surge protector will work perfectly because the light has not yet arrived.

The longer your mains filter is used, the greater the risk. If you know it absorbed a strong thrust, get a new one before it’s too late.

No one can guarantee the exact service life of a surge protector because it varies greatly from region to region. This depends on the number of joules your defender has already taken and the number of available joules in your area.

Measurement of life expectancy in joule

Surge protections have ratings and tell you how much protection their design can provide. If you receive a 1000 joule arrested, this is a general measure of the energy a 1000 joule arrested person can absorb. After this limit, it no longer provides protection and allows the span to pass through.

With each voltage peak, the capacity of the surge protector decreases, limiting the number of joules it can withstand in the future. If a 1000 joule surge protector reaches the 1000 joule threshold, this has happened and you have to buy a new one before there is a delay. This marking can also be applied to individual pieces, e.g. your surge protector can wear out after just ten strokes at 100 joules instead of one at 1000 joules.

Ending Note

Many people recommend replacing the mains filter every two years, but such recommendations are never the rule. If your surge protector has absorbed a large number of spikes by then, it must be replaced within two years.

The number of years can never determine the capacity of a surge protector; it is rather the joules that measure the life span. The sooner the limit is reached, the sooner you will need a replacement. It is better to play it safe and have the detainee replaced before you need to replace any of your equipment.



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