Computer Surge Protector – Top 5 Models that you should consider


Investing in a computer network filter for your computer equipment such as a laptop, personal computer (PC) is a necessary evil these days.

Gone are the days (when I was a child) when household appliances hardly needed surge protection.

Older, bulky electrical analogues from the past are less sensitive to voltage peaks due to the larger, more powerful electrical components built into them.

Modern electrical appliances, such as computers and small appliances, are becoming smaller and more complex. This inevitably increases their sensitivity to unexpected peaks in the electric current.

Now that you understand why surge protection is needed, you can ask what a good network filter for computers is.

With a variety of brands and models of surge protections on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right surge protector for you.

Lucky for you, our team has worked hard for you. We have presented a table with the best surge protection for a PC.  But if you’re in a hurry, we have under the best gauze filter you can get.

Editor’s Selection

Tower 8 BESTK

Power Strips and 6 USB 1500 joules smart charger connectors Lightning arrestor with 6 foot ETL extension cable List

We have chosen the BEST Tower Power Strip as our best editorial choice for computer lightning protectors, because of the excellent value you get in terms of performance for your current price.

The compact and energy-saving design is really a big plus for us, not to mention the safety door, which prevents small children from hitting it with their fingers. It is this intelligent design that makes a good product excellent.

Do you use USB devices often? If that’s the case, you’ll certainly like the 6 smart USB ports to charge. If you are looking for a Computer power filter to charge many computer devices and peripherals in your home or office, this BEST power filter should be your primary consideration.

Protection of computers against voltage surges Comparison table

Below is a comparison table that shows the top 5 surge protections for your computer in terms of price/performance, reliability and functionality.

Top 10 editorial decisions Name of the product No. of Questions The Joule score Length of the electric cable No USB ports Our reviews
Belkin BV112050-06 Surge protector Belkin BV112050-06 Surge protector 12 3996 6 feet 2 9/10
LEP BESTECK Tower LEP BESTECK Tower 8 1500 6 feet 6 8/10
Accell Powder Surge Protection USB-C Accell Powder Surge Protection USB-C 6 1080 6 feet 2 7.5/10
HOLSEM 12 Output overvoltage protection HOLSEM 12 Output surge protection 12 4000 6 feet 3 7/10
NTONPOWER Surge Protection Tower NTONPOWER Surge Protection Tower 8 525 6 feet 5 6/10

1. Belkin BV112050-06 Overview

Belkin 12-output USB surge protector with flat plug, 1.80m cable - ideal for computers, home theater, home appliances, office equipment (3996 joules)

In addition, this Belkin surge protector has 2 USB charging contacts (2.1A set) and can withstand a maximum surge of 6000V.

Belkin 12-socket USB surge protector with flat plug, 1.80 m cord – Ideal for computers, home theater, home appliances, office equipment (3996 Joules)This 3996 Joule surge protector for PC certainly has a surge protector function to protect all computer peripherals from harmful surges.

Now you can enjoy electronic devices and work on your computer by protecting it from unpleasant voltage surges.

With 6 regular power outlets, you can now secure all the electrical (NAS, desk lamp, laptop, printer, PC screen) and electronic (GPS watch for mobile phone) devices you can imagine. Belkin 12-pin USB surge protector with flat connection, 1.80 m cable - ideal for computers, home theater, appliances, office equipment (3996 joules)

With the additional 6 sockets, the connection of old IT equipment (e.g. an old printer) supplied with the brick plug does not take up extra space in the socket.

Problem with limited floor or table space? Don’t worry, the BV112050-06 comes with mounting holes for safe wall mounting.

In addition to a clean, smooth appearance, this Belkin computer power filter is guaranteed for life, and the devices connected to it are guaranteed for life up to $250,000.

Although the Belkin BV112050-06 does not have intelligent integrated circuit technology for its 2 USB charging ports, it is still a great value for your dollar for today’s price, given all its amazing features and well thought-out design.


  • The energy value is 3996 joules.
  • Built-in switch prevents unintentional switching off
  • Surge protection and incorrect grounding indications
  • 6 sockets for LARGE plugs
  • Advanced power filtration
  • A pure and elegant exterior design
  • Lifetime Warranty plus $250,000 for connected equipment


  • USB ports are not equipped with intelligent integrated circuit technology.
  • The 1.80 m power cord may be longer.

Belkin 12-pin USB surge protector with flat connection, 1.80 m cable - ideal for computers, home theater, appliances, office equipment (3996 joules)

Belkin 12-Port USB Surge Protector Power Strip with Flat Plug, 6-foot cable

  • Surge protector for 12 flat plugs, 6 feet/1.8 m cable.
  • Two USB ports (2.1A combined) for charging smartphones, tablets and more
  • Protects computers, appliances, home cinema and office equipment from potentially dangerous voltage surges.


2. Review of BESTEK Performance Tower

Tower 8- BEST power strip output and 6 smart USB charging ports 1500 joules surge protection with ETL 6-pin expandable ETL cable in list

At first glance, we were immediately impressed by the futuristic design of this Cutlery surge protection tower.

And with its dual independent circuit breaker, designed for ‘s power saving purpose – and 8 wide range outlets, we knew this had to be our editorial choice for the best PC surge protection.

Although it comes with a nominal capacity of only 1,500 joules, you will be pleased to know that it is equipped with short-circuit and overload protection.

This means that this 8 outlets computer Cutlery filter will detect a power overload when a large power surge occurs and close all 8 outlets, including USB ports.

This effectively prevents a harmful power surge from reaching connected devices such as laptops, PCs and connected peripherals.

Are you impressed yet?

And if that’s not enough to impress you, 6 smart USB charging ports with device recognition are included.

This function ensures a safe maximum charging speed for the connected device.

In addition, the eight outlets of the air conditioning system are equipped with a safety door so that small children cannot stick their little fingers in them.

And if the 6-foot power cable isn’t long enough for you, you know there is a 6-foot model. And if wireless charging is your thing, you will be happy to know that Cutlery also offers a wireless charger model with similar features.

If you are interested in its thermal resistance, you will be pleased to know that it can withstand high temperatures from to 750°C.

This Cutlery surge protector is supplied with a 6-foot power cord and an 18-month warranty.

When it comes to choosing the best network filter for your computer, you have one that will protect your computer and its data in the event of a power surge.

A large voltage fluctuation caused by a lightning strike nearby can cause your computer to burn out, and your computer’s hard drive may also be damaged.

Thanks to the overload protection, your laptop and hardware are in good hands in case of an unpleasant power surge.


  • Integrated safety doors for all sockets
  • 2 independent circuit breakers to save energy
  • 6 smart USB charging ports with device recognition function
  • Intelligent, elegant and futuristic design
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • FCC and ETL certified and RoHS compliant
  • Heat resistance up to 750°C
  • 18 months warranty


  • The 1.80 m power cord may be longer.

Tower 8- BEST power strip output and 6 smart USB charging ports 1500 joules surge protection with 6-pin ETL expandable cable listed

Tower 8 BEST power output strips and 6 smart USB charging connectors 1500 joules surge protection

8-pin USB power strip (1500J) with 1.8m (14AWG) high-power cable (14AWG) to protect your router, laptop, printer, modem, speakers and other devices from voltage surges and jolts.

3. Powder Computer Desktop Surge Protection 3Accell

Accell Powder USB-C Surge Protection - USB-C and USB-A charging sockets (3.4A), 6 outputs, 6 charging cables, 1080 joules, UL Listed - Black grounded extension cord

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable surge protector for your office that needs to be equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports, you’re in luck.

This 1080 joule computer network filter from Accell Powramid fits into the 6 well distributed sockets, so anyone sitting at the desk can share sockets.

This Accell Powramid network filter is also ideal for meeting rooms with sufficient power outlets for small group work sessions and web conferences.

If you need the wireless charging function, the wireless charging model is available.

The 40 dB filter function isolates the computer from noise generated by electrical energy, resulting in better sound and picture quality when working with audio/video equipment.

This computer line filter is also equipped with X3-MOV technology, which can help protect connected devices from dangerous spikes and voltage surges. It offers a longer protection period than a conventional troop transport vehicle.

This Accell surge protector comes with a full 5-year warranty for connected devices and a $100,000 limited warranty.


  • 6 wide voltage sockets
  • Non-slip and scratch resistant base, ideal for use in a meeting room
  • Availability of USB-A and USB-C charging sockets
  • 6 foot long, powerful power cord
  • Advanced X3 MOV technology
  • Noise reduction function for excellent audio/video quality
  • 5 years connected equipment and $100,000 limited warranty


  • 1,080 joules can dry up quickly at strong peaks.

Accell Powder USB-C Surge Protection - USB-C and USB-A charging sockets (3.4A), 6 outputs, 6 charging cables, 1080 joules, UL Listed - Black grounded extension cord


4. Surge protection of the outputs HOLSEM 12 – Review

HOLSEM 12 surge protection connections with 3 smart USB charging connections (5V/3.1A) and 6 high quality extension cables, for home, office, computer, appliances, equipment (4000 joules) - Black

One look and you will immediately see the similarity between this HOLSEM network security device and the Belkin BV112050-06 projector that we investigated earlier.

Do not judge an surge protection switch by its cover.

HOLSEM 12-output lightning arrester fuse with 3 smart USB charging connectors (5V/3.1A) and 6 high performance extension cables, for home, office, computer, appliances, hardware (4000 joules) - Black This HOLSEM computer lightning arrester comes with 4000 joules and has 3 USB charging connectors. Two of them are equipped with intelligent integrated circuits (5V/3.1A).

Despite the fact that both devices have 6 conventional and 6 broadband AC outputs, please note that this HOLSEM surge protection has an overload protection function.

Unlike the Belkin BV112050-06, the housing is made of refractory materials and can withstand temperatures up to 1.380℉ (750℃).

This may explain why it is a little more expensive than the Belkin BV112050-06, but the difference of a few dollars is certainly more than I think it is worth.

Don’t you agree?


  • 6 normal and 6 block AC outputs
  • 2 USB ports with smart IC technology and 1 normal USB port
  • Overload protection function
  • 6-foot extension cable with UL approval for high performance
  • An energy value of 4000 joules
  • 4 mounting holes for keyholes
  • Made of refractory materials
  • 24 months warranty
  • Non-refundable return within 30 days


  • The 6 foot long power cord can be longer…

HOLSEM 12 surge protection connections with 3 smart USB charging connections (5V/3.1A) and 6 high quality extension cables, for home, office, computer, appliances, equipment (4000 joules) - Black

HOLSEM 12 Surge resistant fuse seal with 3 smart USB charging connectors (5V/3.1A)off

  • 6 regular & 6 widely distributed outputs, 2 USB charging ports with smart IC technology (5V/3.1A) and 1 regular USB charging port. The energy value of 4000 joules is ideal for computers, laser printers, phones and home cinema systems.
  • 1.80 m thick, high performance UL extension cable, ideal for home offices and professional workplaces, 4 holes to fix the key at the back (easy horizontal wall mounting)
  • Overload protection with double tear-off overload switch. Made of a fire retardant material that can withstand temperatures up to 1.380℉ (750℃)

5. Review of NTONPOWER surge protection tower

High Power Extension Cable, Individual Switch Control, 15A Breaker, for home and office

Does it hurt to use an extension to protect against power surges? This NTONPOWER surge protection tower gives your learning and working environment a whole new look.

If you save energy on a large scale, you’ll probably need surge protection someday. There is a separate switch for each column with 4 AC connections and USB connections for fast charging.

Devices that require a 7 x 24 power supply (Internet modem, surveillance camera, etc.) can be connected to one loudspeaker and the other to the other.

After all, with the push of a button, all equipment (which does not need to be switched on 7 x 24 hours) can be switched off to prevent terrible exposure to phantom power.

The NTONPOWER surge protector is supplied with 8 sockets. These sockets should be more than sufficient to juice all your IT equipment such as laptops/PCs and electrical peripherals such as printers, modems, fax machines, desk lamps, etc.

Although this NTONPOWER computer surge protector does not come with a good amount of joules, it has compensated for this with a built-in 15A circuit breaker that protects against power overload. This function prevents the harmful effects of voltage spikes on all connected devices.

This surge extinguisher with a 2 meter long power cable is made of fire resistant ABS+PC that can withstand temperatures up to 1382℉.

This NTONPOWER surge protector tower comes with an 18-month warranty to facilitate the return or replacement of defective parts. In addition, they also offer liability insurance for an amount of $300,000. In case of an incident you will be charged USD 1.000,- for connected equipment and damage to property.


  • Separate column circuit breaker for comfort and energy saving
  • Compact design
  • Anti-slip silicone mat in the bottom.
  • Flat profile fork – perfect for narrow spaces
  • Integrated 15 A circuit breaker
  • 8 sockets for 2 columns
  • 5 USB fast charging ports with intelligent IC automatically adjust the charging speed
  • Housing made of fire retardant ABS+PC material
  • 18 months or more warranty on return and exchange


  • The 6-foot power cord may not be long enough for long-distance alternating current.

High Power Extension Cable, Individual Switch Control, 15A Breaker, for home and office

NTONPOWER surge protector, 8 outputs 5 USB desktop charger

  • MULTI-OUTPUT POWER SUPPLY TOWER WITH USB – This USB expansion tower is equipped with 8 sockets (max. 1875 W-125 W, max. 3750 W-250 W) and 5 high-speed USB ports (max. 2.4 A output per port), automatic IC intelligent charging speed control, allowing 3 iPads and 2 iPhones to be charged simultaneously. Meet all requirements for home and office invoicing.
  • UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT TO SAVE SPACE – Unlike traditional extension cords, the creative design of the vertical tower provides plenty of space between each exit, saving space and making room for work and home.
  • STARTART OPERATION – The charger has independent switches on both sides and can be used separately. Frequent switching on and off of devices or equipment is not necessary and the normal operation of other devices is not affected.


Tips for selecting the best computer surge protector

Price vs. features

Never pay too high a price for everyday functions. Avoid paying extra for brands that don’t really offer too much of the surge protection you need.

Requirements and conditions

Clearly define what you need in terms of features and specifications. For example, if you travel a lot and need to charge your laptop on the go, a light, portable surge protector may be more appropriate for you.

If you need a home computer network filter, we recommend that you choose the type of tower that helps you keep your valuables on your desk.

Environmental conditions

You want a more reliable computer network filter for your computer equipment if you are accidentally in the combat zone. You will want the one that comes with a circuit breaker or with a lot of energy in joules.

Choosing the best computer network filter that meets your needs should not be a difficult task. We hope this article has been useful in making a better purchase decision.

You should definitely consider surge protection for your entire home if you are considering surge protection for most of your devices and electronic equipment.



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