Best TV Surge Protector: Complete Reviews with Comparison


Frequent power surges in any area can hit the TV and stop it immediately. It is always advisable to use surge protections with valuable electronic equipment, especially televisions, as they usually block the flow of excessive voltage to the device. They are offered at a very reasonable price and allow you to fully protect your television.

However, you should be very careful when purchasing as not all surge protections are designed to overcome major voltage surges.

Top 5 Surge protection devices for TV comparison diagram

POWERADD 5-Output 6ft surge protection cable with two smart USB ports for home office – dormitory

Electronic surge protection for front and top washers, gas dryers, LED, LCD and plasma televisions

Tripp Lite 12 output surge fuse gasket, 8 foot cable, right angle switch, tel/modem/coax protection, RJ11, & $150,000 INSURANCE (TLP1208TELTV)

[2 Pack] POWERADD 6 Output Connectors USB power cable with surge protection 1625W/13A, 6-foot cable for smartphones, tablets, desk lamps, computers, other AC and DC devices

12-pin KMC safety fuse, 4500J, TV/network connection/telephone, 8-pin cable

Better surge protection for TV magazines

1. Poweradd output 5 Surge protection

Designed for simple but energy-efficient home electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, hairdryers and televisions, this surge protector is able to cut off power as soon as a spike is detected. The speed of 525 joules is sufficient to protect these devices and prolong their life.


It has 5 standard American sockets and 2 USB ports, which give users different possibilities to reuse this arrest. For safety reasons, it is also equipped with a 2 metre long cable that prevents overheating and surge. At the back of the surge protector there are keyholes that make it possible to install it on the wall. This makes operation easier and prevents cable clutter on the floor. The anti-slip seal can be mounted on the underside of the table and can be easily connected to any electronic device that works comfortably in a specially designed room.


  • checkCome with USB connections and for laptops and tablets
  • The test keyholes for wall mounting are located at the rear.
  • Check the power interruption in case of surge.


  • The three-pole switch is not suitable for connection to all sockets.
  • Joule’s level is low and won’t be able to resist a big jump.


2. Exceline Surge protector – Electronic surge protector

The Exceline electronic security has only one socket and is therefore completely different from other security systems. It protects household appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and all types of televisions, including LEDs, LCD and plasma screens.


Exceline’s electronic surge protector ensures that the user can operate important electronic devices safely and without problems. On this device there are several LED indicators that indicate whether the voltage is high, low or sufficient. A 3-minute delay to ensure that the device can be switched off in time and protected against voltage fluctuations. The price is high given that there is only one power outlet, but this better power filter for your TV has a number of other features.


  • The CheckLight displays show the current voltage situation.
  • checkIt has a timer function that helps the user to turn off the devices in time.
  • TestThe surge protection system is guaranteed for 3 years.


  • The costs are high
  • It offers only one power outlet, so it can only be used with one device at a time.

3. Tripp Lite protective capacitor with 12 outputs

It is one of the most powerful and reliable mains protections on the market and can be used with all types of household appliances. Numerous sockets make it possible to connect several devices at the same time: four of them are designed for large sockets and the other for full sockets.


This surge protector features full AC current protection with NEMA 5-15R plugs, and 2.2 GHz gold plugs protect the modem, telephone and cable from damage from a sudden power surge. In addition to the 12 sockets, it is equipped with RJ11 plugs, which offer an additional advantage when connecting telephone lines. The 1449 Joule Best Power Filter for TVs meets all safety standards and is designed so that it does not damage the device or the user. It is fire and heat resistant, so no fireplace, no matter how big or small, can set your home or workplace on fire. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product and covers the insurance of the enclosed equipment for $150,000. The 8-foot extension cord is also powerful enough to withstand the load and fluctuations and does not allow the negative effects of a power surge at all costs.


  • The high Joule score makes it a valuable instrument.
  • Verification of compliance with all safety standards
  • InspectionHigh quality components are used, with excellent performance


  • The price is slightly higher and there are cheaper alternatives on the market.
  • A coaxial connection can make the signals weak.

4. Poweradd Band Surge Protection

If you want to expand your charging options at home or in the office, buying this Poweradd Power Strip Surge Protector is a great idea. It has 6 power sockets and 6 USB ports, so multiple devices can be connected at any time. This means that no one in the family has to wait for their turn to charge one of their handhelds, as there are plenty of USB ports available.


The company offers a quality guarantee for this best television surge protector and makes it suitable for all types of equipment. It will protect your valuables from voltage fluctuations, voltage spikes and other electrical hazards, give them a longer life and give you a sigh of relief. The parts of this device are of high quality and are made of highly resistant refractory materials. A 2 metre cord prevents overheating and is designed to ensure the safety of high-tech equipment. The operating indicator lights up as soon as the surge protector is connected to the power supply.


  • Control The price is economical given the number of points of sale and the quality.
  • Virtual cash registerA large number of USB ports
  • CheckGut for use with high-tech and inexpensive equipment


  • The three-pole switch does not fit all wall sockets.
  • The sockets are not located at a sufficient distance, so they do not accommodate 6 plugs in case of large dimensions.

5. CMC 12- Output surge protection

If you’re looking for the best surge protector for your TV, this is the perfect one. Multiple sockets are so far apart that the 12 devices can easily be connected at the same time, regardless of the size of the sockets.


With a high load capacity of 4500 joules, this surge protector delivers a maximum current of 14000A and can easily handle large jumps. It is made of a fire retardant material, which makes it not sensitive to sunbathing. Given the Joule rating and the many outputs, this network filter is very cheap. The wires are made of high quality copper and guarantee a long service life with high elasticity. The socket is also relatively small and saves a maximum of space.


  • checkIt offers the maximum number of outings at a minimum price
  • CheckTwo additional connections for phone or fax.
  • CheckThe sockets are widely spaced so that the huge plugs are easy to install.


  • No USB ports available
  • KMC offers customers a limited warranty


Ending Note

All the above mains filters have clear advantages and are suitable for different situations. However, Tripp Lite’s 12 Joule Surge Protector is the best TV surge protector because its 1490 Joule rating makes it possible to provide maximum protection for your equipment. It is suitable for all types of equipment and can easily accommodate 12 outputs due to the large distance between the outputs. The LED indicator shows whether the line filter is earthed or protected. Although the price is higher than that of its competitors, this is due to the fact that it consists of high-quality components and meets all safety standards.



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