Best Surge Protector 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparison


Protecting your valuable equipment from unexpected power surges is everyone’s business. These electronic products cost between $500 and $5,000. The United States and for the United States, first-hand protection is essential. This is only possible with the best surge protection in the network, which is the first line of protection for your electronic devices.

At a very reasonable price, the surge protector will help protect electronic products for a long time. This is possible if you make the right choice when purchasing a surge protector and if you make a modest investment in the right area. They range from simple sockets to expensive versions with built-in batteries that can handle any type of power interruption, no matter how large or small.

The 5 Best Surge Protectors

Home / office surge protection with 8 Belkin outputs with 12-way charging cable (BE108230-12)

AmazonBasics 6 times surge protector for 2-pack sockets, 200 joules

CyberPower CSP600WSU surge protector, 1200J/125V, 6-AC swivel sockets, 2 USB charging ports, wall-mounted crane construction

Surge protector for the socket with 12-pin Belkin plug and 8-pin power cable, 4320 joules (BP112230-08)

APC 11 socket fuse with USB charging ports, 2880 joules, SurgeArrest Home/Office (P11U2)

Detailed Info for surge protection products

1. Belkin BE112230-08 12- Output network connection

Belkin’s best-selling line filter, the BE112230-08, has 12 connections. This surge protector not only comes with a lifetime warranty, but also offers $300,000 for connected devices, so you can easily connect your valuable equipment without having to worry about its safety.

Main product characteristics

It is ideal for home and office use and can easily protect heavy equipment with a capacity of 3940 joules. An 8-foot power cable and sliding protective caps are connected to it. Plug the mains filter into an electrical outlet and your connected equipment is protected against lightning strikes and power surges.

What we like about the Belkin BE112230-08 12-strip bracket BE112230-08

The main advantage of purchasing this surge protector is that it comes with 12 sockets and that the 3940 joule will help protect your equipment against the biggest fluctuations. No matter how many storms approach your city, unexpected outbreaks will not damage your equipment thanks to the increased ability of this pulsating protector to break it down.

What we don’t like about Belkin BE112230-08 Surge protector for 12-outlet strips

Although there are more outlets, the performance of a surge protector will be affected if you connect more devices. This means that it only provides connectivity to as many devices as possible, but can’t work with them, which means it can’t even protect them.


  • Costs are low compared to competitors.
  • It is connected to a 2.5 meter long, powerful cable.
  • A high rating of 3940 joules will provide better protection.


  • Not designed for simultaneous operation with 12 devices.
  • It can even catch fire if the peak is too high because of the storm.
  • In case of return of goods you have to pay the shipping costs.

2. AmazonBasics 6 Output line filter for surge protection

If you want two surge protectors to provide sufficient protection for all your important equipment, an AmazonBasics 6-outlet surge protector may be a good idea. You have sufficient protection for small devices at home or in the office.

Main product characteristics

This product comes with 2 socket strips, each with 6 sockets. It helps you protect small devices like lamps or your phone with this basic 200 joule surge protector. A 2 foot 14 AWG power cord. Two different devices make it possible to obtain protection for devices located at a distance from each other without having to operate another line filter.

What do you like about AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector?

Each of the surge protectors is supplied with 6 sockets so that multiple devices can be connected at the same time. The 200 joules of power protects your most important devices and ensures that a sudden power surge does not damage your phone or other small devices while charging.

What’s wrong with AmazonBasics 6-Surge Protector?

This surge protector is only suitable for large devices and can do nothing for expensive devices. Your computer or home theater is always a high risk, so you can only spend money on it if you want to deal with inferior devices.


  • Protected red LED indicator lights up when power is flowing through the line filter
  • It comes with two surge protectors with 6 sockets each.
  • The power supply cable for the surge protection has a capacity of 14 AWG


  • The string is only two meters long, which is not long enough.
  • The low power of 200 joules makes it only suitable for low power devices.
  • The product must not be used within 30 feet of the electrical panel.

3. CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protection

The main function of mains protection is to deflect the surge of the devices in the event of a voltage jump or surge. Designed for home and office use, it’s ideal for protecting your important devices such as PCs, consumer electronics and other similar devices.

Main product characteristics

It comes with 6 surge protected rotary plugs and offers 1200 joules of protection. There are two USB charging ports that are ideal for charging tablets, smartphones and similar rechargeable electronic devices. It also offers a direct connection, and two rotatable sockets (3 on each side) allow a comfortable connection from any angle.

What we like about the CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protection

One of the strengths of this device is that the green LED is grounded and protected. The product is covered by a lifetime warranty and a $75,000 fee for connected devices. The company has a reputation for delivering only high quality equipment and its products can easily withstand frequent voltage spikes.

What we don’t like about the CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protection

The value of 1200 joules is not enough to provide valuable instruments, especially when several are linked to it. The three-pin plug may not work because it is not supported by most power outlets. So make sure you have such a switch in your home or office before you buy.


  • The price is reasonable, based on the value offered by the product.
  • By means of rotating sockets, plugs can be placed at any suitable angle.
  • The green LEDs, which can be used to determine whether the device is protected and earthed.


  • The unit disconnects both sockets when it is connected.
  • The weight of the anchor may cause it to be removed from the wall from time to time.
  • The 1200 joules value is not suitable for more expensive devices.

4. Surge protection for Belkin 12-Output terminal

It is certainly one of the best wire protectors available on the market due to its many features and high quality. Equipped with 4 fixed and 8 rotary connectors, this product is ideal for connecting all your devices.

The robust, 2.5-metre cable also makes it a reliable surge protector that protects your equipment regardless of the surge level.

Main product characteristics

12 sockets and 8-foot cable make this protection highly desirable because it meets all your requirements. It is suitable for both large and small power connections, such as telephone chargers and lamps. This 4320 joule in-line filter offers a $300,000 warranty on your valuable equipment and is offered at a very competitive price.

What we like about the Belkin surge protector on the 12-hole seal of the connector?

This surge protector has received the highest rating for its impeccable performance. Thanks to its high joule performance, it not only protects all devices, but also makes it possible to connect multiple devices. The powerful 14-core cable enables the passage of alternating current and reliably protects the devices against sudden voltage peaks.

What we don’t like about the Belkin surge protector of the 12-pin-connector

Unfortunately, this product is not designed to protect against lightning, and you could get into trouble if you live in an area where thunderstorms are common. This means that every time there is a disaster in your area and the power fails, you have to make a purchase.


  • 12 sockets and a powerful 8-foot cable are available at a reasonable price.
  • Fixed and rotating supports
  • 4130 joule current, which can affect any type of surge.


  • Not suitable for areas with frequent storms.
  • A three-pole switch that does not fit most sockets.
  • Some users complain that the guarantee is not respected.

5. APC 11 Output surge protection

It is one of the best surge protections. It has 11 common sockets, 6 of which are designed for large adapters located at a distance between devices. There are two additional USB ports for charging tablets and smartphones. This surge protector offers a lifetime warranty and covers $250,000 for any damage to your valuable equipment.

Main product characteristics

In addition, 11 sockets are equipped with sliding protective caps to better protect the user. It can provide comprehensive protection for all your important devices, including PCs, home theater systems and other household appliances. The 8-foot cable has an elbow connector and allows 180 degrees of rotation.

What we like about the APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector?

The surge protector has a nominal value of 2160 joules, which is sufficient to guarantee the safety of valuable instruments. It will survive at least one big jump and a few small jumps to protect your electronics and avoid large losses. All protection is offered at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for such a useful device.

What we don’t like about the APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector?

Physically it may look very good, but it’s not the best mains filter when it comes to electrical use. In the event of an extreme power failure, thunderstorm or lightning strike, it may not survive, endangering all of your valuable equipment.


  • An evaluation of 2160 joules and the provision of several points of sale at a reasonable price.
  • The rope of 2.5 meters allows a rotation of 180 degrees.
  • Sliding shutters for better protection of the user


  • Not suitable for extreme storms
  • A single giant peak, for whatever reason, would hardly be necessary…
  • Low response time makes your equipment vulnerable to damage

PURCHASE GUIDE For Best Surge Protectors

Before you decide to purchase a network filter, it is best to gather as much information as possible about this filter so that you can make a profitable decision based on your preferences and needs:


There are four different types of network security devices and you can purchase them according to their characteristics and your own needs.

  • The basic sockets of the surge protection plug can be plugged into any standard socket and allow the simultaneous connection of several devices.
  • Protections against voltage spikes at power supply points are capable of protecting the entire system.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply units provide a limited amount of time for the power supply and make it possible to work until the battery is charged.
  • You can even use a wall-mount network protector that comes without cables.


Depending on your use, you decide which network filter best suits your needs. If you have multiple devices that need to be connected to the network at the same time, you need a network filter that has the maximum number of outlets.

Make sure there is enough space between these outputs, otherwise it may not be possible to connect several devices at the same time.

It is important to consider the type of equipment you are going to connect. This will be a decisive factor in your decision to buy the best line filter. Depending on the cost and type of your equipment you can make a choice.

Terminal voltage

The cutting voltage is called suppressed voltage or peak interruption. Then you can really start up the network filter and start protecting your devices. Unlike joules, you have to look for a smaller number here.

This is called the reaction time of an surge protection device. The shorter the reaction time, the less time the unit needs to do its job and to prevent excess power from reaching the unit.

On the other hand, a high response time means that the device needs more time to dissipate the power, and in the meantime it can already cause considerable damage.


It is the metal oxide variable speed gear unit (MOV) of the surge protection system that is responsible for surge protection and protection of the units against all kinds of damage. This is a fundamental part of a lightning rod, and if the company uses high-quality MOVs in the production of these units, their products will undoubtedly achieve excellent results.


Some surge protectors are also equipped with sliding covers and LED lights indicating whether or not the voltage is passing through. They are designed to ensure the safety of the user.


Most surge protectors have a lifetime warranty, which is not available. A large surge or multiple surges cause considerable damage to the surge protection.

If a surge protector can withstand a surge for two years without damaging it, it has shown excellent performance.

F.A.Q. About Surge protection

Many people have a number of questions about surge protections and some of the most frequently asked questions are discussed in detail below:

How does the main filter work?

If the voltage exceeds a certain level, this can cause considerable damage to electrical equipment. The surge protection suppresses this surge thanks to the metal oxide variable speed drives (MOV). These components absorb the peak voltage and prevent it from ending up in one of the devices.

The surge protector can absorb up to a certain voltage level, and if the value is higher than the initial nominal value in Joule, it will wear out. In order to work, the mains filter must be connected to a power outlet. Some of the best surge protectors are equipped with LED lights that indicate that current is flowing through them.

How can one say that the surge protection is bad?

Surge protections really don’t work well, and it’s more an environmental issue than the timing of their use. It is difficult to determine the lifespan of network security and whether it is functioning properly or not.

If you have the feeling that he has been working for many years or that he has had a series of spillovers, then he has long since stopped working. Ideally, a detainee should be replaced every two years, but this lifespan is not guaranteed and a number of environmental factors could render him unusable before that date.

How do I select a line filter?

There are a number of factors to be taken into account in the selection process, the most important of which are

  • The value in joules of the mains surge protector, showing that it can provide sufficient protection.
  • At the time of purchase, the terminal voltage is also taken into account and a lower value is considered the best value.
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicating the status of the power supply.
  • The lifespan of the guarantee provided by the company.
  • The amount insured for the connected equipment.

Which network filter should I use on my computer?

A personal computer is a valuable device and a low joule power filter will not be enough to protect it. It is very important that a more powerful network filter is used to protect your expensive electronic equipment, especially a computer that contains all data, photos and other important information.

It is recommended to purchase the best surge protector with a high Joule value (preferably above 1000 or 2000) and a shorter reaction time. This ensures that your computer will not be damaged despite the size of the peak that has occurred.

What does the term Joule mean in network security?

The joule value of the surge protector indicates the limit of energy consumption before it wears out permanently. A higher number indicates greater protection, while a lower number indicates limited protection. The joule rating of the mains filter is based on the type and cost of the equipment to be protected.

If thunderstorms and lightning strikes are frequent in your area, you should also buy a lightning rod at the high price in joules. This happens because random bursts hit the plane and it loses its capacity sooner.

Ending Note

Surge protection devices are valuable devices that are offered at a nominal price but perform very useful functions. They help you protect your thousands of dollars of electronic equipment and keep your important data safe.

In the event of frequent voltage spikes due to storms, which can be caused by extreme weather changes, it is recommended to use the best mains protections for all equipment to ensure safety.



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