Best Gaming PC Surge Protector – Expert Guide For 2020.


Voltage spikes.

A well-deserved enemy of all players.

It was raining outside – lightning and thunder from time to time.

You were happy to be home and play your favorite game on your newly purchased game console. You were asked to get a surge protector for your gaming PC, but you decided to take the risk. What can happen?

There were several thunderbolts, closely followed by a distant, loud thunder.

You heard buzzing noises (from your PC, I think) and the light in your room flickered.

Your computer screen was empty, and there was a burning smell coming out of it.

Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence!

Apart from the torrential rain outside the windows there was silence in the room.

You knew your computer ran out of power. It’s intuitive to pull the trigger right away.

Nothing happened.

No, you haven’t heard the familiar sound of the hard drive, and the screen is lifeless.

With your fingers crossed, you pull the trigger again.

The game computer remains lifeless.

Oh, boy.

Gradually you realized that your new game console wasn’t working. And that burning smell. Something must have been damaged.

They tacitly wanted to follow the advice of the man from the computer shop to get the network filter of the game.

The next day you brought your game computer to the computer shop. Thirty minutes later you found out that the motherboard and the power supply exploded. The data on the hard disk is also corrupted.

They spent a few hundred dollars more to replace the motherboard and the power supply. Unfortunately, they were unable to recover your valuable data from the hard drive.

This time you ordered a network filter for game consoles right after coming home.

You could have saved valuable time and money if you had bought it in the first place.

Lessons learned.

The scenario described above can happen to anyone in the event of a storm or power surge. If you are a gambling enthusiast, you should seriously consider purchasing surge protection for your gaming computer.

Don’t forget to consult our six editorial guidelines that have proven effective in protecting computers and laptops from power surges and transients.

In the meantime, you want to learn how to choose a lightning rod that meets your playing requirements. You don’t want to endanger your gaming computer by choosing the wrong type of network surge protection.

More on this later.

Good surge protection indirectly increases the lifespan of your gaming PC.

No unnecessary ceremony, let’s get started.

Surge protector for gaming PC – 5 positions

Most people feel that there is no point in determining a heart rate profile.

Well, that depends.

This is certainly not the case if you get it for a very specific kind of request.

A typical 6-outlet mains filter, for example, is not suitable for surge protection in large appliances such as ovens.

Surge protections for large electrical appliances are generally available as single-pole plugs. There are also specific functions that you need in case of a gaming PC.

Response time

In the case of surge protection, the reaction time (measured in nanoseconds) is the time required to activate the active surge protection. The shorter the reaction time, the better.

Longer reaction times may mean that connected devices have a higher probability of voltage peaks.

Light of protection class with active LED

It doesn’t make any sense. Just look at the one that comes with the active protective LED backlight. The Active Protection LED informs you that the surge protection of your gaming PC, monitor and other connected devices is always in active protection status.

High note in joule

While network protection with high joule ratings is not the most important criterion, it is essential if you are looking for protection that can protect your game PC for a long time.

A high value in joules essentially means that it can absorb more shocks during a push. The higher the Joule value of the surge protector, the longer the service life.

When there is a current overload, the Joule value is consumed to a certain extent. Surge protection remains until the Joule value is completely exhausted.

If you are looking for the computer network filter for game, you should get it with a rating of at least 2000 joules.

USB charger connections

Nowadays it is rare to know someone who does not have a USB device.

Two USB charging ports allow you to charge your phone and other USB devices while providing active surge protection for gaming PCs.

Full warranty on connected equipment

Most people do not pay attention to the warranty period when buying electronic equipment. Until something happens.

Make sure you get one for which you have a full warranty, including the connected devices.

A 12-month warranty is usually sufficient if you are in the vicinity of a flash unit.

What else should I pay attention to when I purchase a surge protector for my game PC?

No results

Pick at least six outlets if you’re not as big a gadget junkie as me. The backlight of your PC and monitor, printer and desktop can already occupy 4 slots.

This gives you only two extra sockets for charging items such as mobile phones, iPads, smartphones, headsets, etc.

You need a power outlet with extra sockets if you have extra monitors, cable modems, surveillance cameras, switches and routers, etc.

The length of the power cord has a value of

If you don’t live in a very small room and don’t have easy access to all wall outlets, you want one with a long power cord.

Most of us, myself included, have long-range power outlets, and a long power cord can save lives.

The minimum length is 6 feet and not shorter.

Wall mounting option

If there is not enough space on the floor and table for the long gauze or foot filters, you can look at the wall bracket.

Installing network security on the wall is certainly a good way to make room for valuable real estate, especially if you are an avid gamer with a lot of gaming equipment and peripherals on your desktop.

Is surge protection the best protection for gaming PCs?

In short, the answer is no.

No, not really.

If you really want the game to run continuously and flawlessly, an inverter (uninterrupted power supply) may be the best option for you.

All UPS systems are supplied with a built-in spare battery.

In the event of a power failure, the game PC or laptop may fall on its backup batteries and have enough time to shut down smoothly.

UPS systems protect against power surges (voltage spikes) and the mains filter and continue to power the game console in the event of a power failure.

You will want to invest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) if you are a professional gamer and cannot tolerate unexpected power outages.

CyberPower CP850AVRLCD, 850VA/510W, 9 sockets, AVR, Mini Tower Intelligent LCD Inverter System

CyberPower CP850AVRLCD Smart LCD UPS, 850VA/510W, 9 Outlets, AVR, Mini Tower

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LCD PANEL : Displays immediate and detailed information on the status of the battery and its capacity, including: estimated running time, battery capacity, charging capacity, etc.
  • AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE CONTROL (AU) : Eliminates small current fluctuations without switching to battery operation, increasing battery life.

Peak voltage protection for Gaming PCs – 6 Editorial guidelines 2020

[1] Surge protection for Belkin 12-Socket USB Socket Stands [BV112050-06]

Belkin BV112050-06

In addition to a life expectancy of 3996 joules, this economical surge protector is an excellent choice for protecting gaming PCs and laptops against dangerous power surges. We like the clean, smooth appearance of the white body colour.

This power strip comes with 6 power strips that can easily support oversized sockets such as printers and modems.

There are also 6 models of trees, if 12 trees are just too many for you.

Main product characteristics

Joule evaluation : 3996
Number of sockets: 12 sockets
Power cable length : 1.8 metres extension cable with flat USB connector: 2 x USB charging sockets Warranty : Lifetime warranty, which includes a $250,000 warranty on connected devices.

What we don’t like is.

Two USB ports (2.1A together) are not the fastest, but we don’t complain as much when it doesn’t work.

Belkin 12-pin USB surge protector with flat connection, 1.80 m cable - ideal for computers, home theater, appliances, office equipment (3996 joules)

Belkin 12-plug USB surge protector with knife clamps, 1.80 m cable – ideal for computers, office equipment (3996 joules)

  • It is guaranteed for life and protected by a $250,000 warranty on connected devices.
  • specifications: 3996 J Rated power / 6000V maximum peak voltage / AC 15A, 125V, 1875W

[2] HOLSEM 12- USB output surge protection [HOLSEM X12]


The characteristic profile of this HOLSEM 4000 Joule arresting party is somewhat similar to the above described Belkin BV112050-06 arresting party. The features that impress us are the overload protection and the flame-retardant housing.

The HOLSEM X12 box is equipped with a double overload switch that protects against overcurrents. The HOLSEM X12 housing is made of a refractory material that can withstand temperatures up to 1.380℉ (750℃).

This HOLSEM mesh filter comes with a full 2 year carefree warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Main product characteristics

Joule evaluation : 4000
Number of sockets: 12 sockets
Power cord length : 6-foot extension
USB: 2 x USB Smart IC technology (5V/3.1A) charging connectors + 1 typical
USB connector Warranty: 24 months warranty on carefree products + 30 days right of return

Give it a try. In the worst case, return it for a full refund.

HOLSEM 12 surge protection connections with 3 smart USB charging connections (5V/3.1A) and 6 high quality extension cables, for home, office, computer, appliances, equipment (4000 joules) - Black

HOLSEM 12 outputs with 3 smart USB charging connectors (5V/3.1A) and a heavy dutyextension cable 6.

6 regular & 6 widely distributed outputs, 2 USB charging ports with smart IC technology (5V/3.1A) and 1 regular USB charging port. 4000 joules energy index is ideal for computers, laser printers, phones and home theater systems

[3] Removable 12-pin USB surge protector [PS12-USB25]


There’s a lot we like about this 12-pin plug-in lightning rod. In addition to a built-in EMI/RFI filter and circuit breaker, this 4320 Joule line filter comes with a 25-foot extension cable. This is especially useful when playing your favorite game outdoors, when you plug it into the air conditioner’s internal power outlet.

There is also a 2.5 meter power cable model if the 3.5 meter power cable is too long for you.

We are also impressed by the sliding protective covers. They’re especially useful when you’re small at home.

Main product characteristics

Joule evaluation : 4320
Number of sockets: 12 sockets
Power cable length: 25 feet
USB: 2 x USB (2.1A total)
Warranty : One year limited parts and labour warranty

What we don’t like is.

The one-year limited warranty on parts and labour on the product raises our eyebrows, especially when it comes to the price charged.

Plug-in surge protector with USB and 12 AC outputs, built-in 10.5 W USB charger with 2 ports for Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile devices, 25 foot extension cable

Surge protection connector with USB and 12 AC outputs, built-in 10.5W USB battery charger with 2 ports

  • Integrated electromagnetic/reflectometric filter. Circuit breaker / 2-in-1. UL/cUL index switch
  • An elegant black design with sliding protective covers protects the user from accidental contact and keeps dust and dirt away from unused sockets. The four corner sockets have a lot of extra space for large stones from the socket.

[4] USB surge protector with Besk 10 output in high joules

Cutlery USB Surge Protection

In addition to an attractive white or black design, this Cutlery 4000 Joule line filter not only has a long service life, but is also equipped with two automatic USB 5V/2.4A charging sockets, a coax cable and RJ11 telephone line protection (1 inch, 2 outputs). If you have a cable box or satellite connection at home, this may be ideal for you.

If you have large outlets at home, you will be pleased to know that there are two outlets far apart. We like that Cutlery places the switch next to the cable to protect it from accidental disconnection.

Main product characteristics

Joule evaluation : 4000
Number of sockets: 10 sockets
Power cable length: 6 feet
USB : Two USB 2.4A
ports guaranteed: 18 months warranty on the product

What we don’t like is.

The 18 month warranty is certainly not ideal, but if it doesn’t bother you too much, it’s actually a surge protector for gaming PCs in terms of value for money.

BEST 4000 Joule Surge Protector with 10 Kitch 4000 Joule Surge Protector High Joule Surge Protector with two USB 2.4A charging connectors, 1.80 m high performance extension cable, FCC/UL approved, white

BEST 10-band 4000 joule surge protector with two 2.4A USB charging sockets

10 outlet surge protectors with 4000 joules high energy, double automatic charging connections 5V/2.4A smart USB, total 4.2A

[5] Bototec surge protector with 10 sockets + 4 charging sockets USB

Botototec surge protection

If you are a player looking for a lightning arrester with features such as overcurrent, short-circuit and overload protection, high temperature resistance and an integrated line voltage sensor, this Botototek lightning arrester might be your best choice. These features are probably the best surge protection for your gaming PC.

Although it does not have a high joule rating, it has a decent rating of 2100 joules, which is more than enough for the needs of the game.

This Botototec mesh filter comes with a solid warranty of 2 years.

Main product characteristics :

Joule evaluation : 2100
Number of sockets: 10 sockets
Power cable length: 6 feet
USB: 4 x USB
ports Warranty: 24 months product warranty + 30 days return policy.

What we don’t like:

For serious players, this is an obligatory purchase.

Bototek Surge Protector Power supply with 10 AC sockets and 4 USB charging ports, 1625W/13A, 2100 joules, 2 meter extension cable for smartphone tablets at home, in the office, in the hotel - Black

Power strip, Bototec surge protector with 10 AC outputs and 4 USB charging connectors, 1625W/13A, 2100 Joule

Surge protection with overload protection protects against voltage peaks and vibrations. Intelligent circuits with integrated voltage sensors detect and respond to the power requirements of your device, while safety devices protect your devices.

[6] Tripp Lite Surge Protection Device with 12 ports and 2 USB ports [TLP128TTUSBB]

Tripp Lite TLP128TTUSBB surge protector

This Tripp Lite network filter is not only a network filter for PC games, it can also protect other things such as TVs, home and office electronics, and so on. This model not only offers an enormous lifespan of 4,320 joules, but also protects your coax cable connections and telephone/fax/modem equipment.

If you are looking for a device with a long power cord, you will be pleased to know that this Tripp Lite surge protector comes with an 8-foot power cord and 2 USB ports for charging.

Are you trying to reduce your electricity bills? You will be pleased to know that the TLP128TTUSBB is equipped with an on/off switch that saves power when all connected devices are in standby mode.

If you’re a serious player, you’ll be interested to know that it has a built-in circuit breaker that protects you from overloading.

Main product characteristics :

Joule evaluation : 4320
Number of sockets: 12 sockets
Power cable length: 8 feet
connectors guaranteed: Lifetime Warranty + $150,000 insurance against damage to connected equipment

What we don’t like:

We can’t be picky about the price we ask.

Tripp Lite 12 output surge protector, 2 USB charging sockets, Tel/Modem/Coax protection, 8 feet right corner plug, black, life and insurance 150K$ (TLP128TTUSBB)

Tripp Lite 12 output surge protector, 2 USB charging sockets,Tel/Modem/Coax protector

Protect any electronic equipment against surges and voltage spikes : A 12-outlet power filter protects your PC, laptop or other electronic devices in your home or office from dangerous power surges, spikes and line noises.



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