Belkin BE112234-10 Surge Protector – Detailed Review!


Looking for effective, versatile yet affordable surge protection for your office and home? Look no further, the Belkin 12-plug BE112234-10 power filter may be your answer. It has a damage-resistant housing and a high Joule rating of 4156, which is truly indispensable for surge protection in both the domestic and professional environments.

Belkin 12-pocket surge protector with 10-pin charging cable and telephone, Ethernet, coaxial protection, BE112234-10

Not only is it able to protect up to 12 devices from power surges and severe transients, but all 12 outlets are equipped with sliding protective caps to keep young fingers away.

In addition to the modern, slim and compact design (rectangular plug), this popular and versatile extension cord also offers protection for phones, Ethernet and coaxial cables. This means that all your phones and fax machines, routers and network switches are also protected.

This Belkin BE112234-10 mains filter is supplied with a 10-foot power cable. It also features an energy filter technology that reduces noise while protecting all your electrical appliances and equipment in your home or office.

If you own many types of electronic devices and equipment, this Belkin 6-bag block-type surge protector is a must-have for you.

What do we like about in Belkin BE112234-10?

Core Features and benefits

Locking plugs for voluminous and bulky adapters

Belkin BE112234-10 for domestic use

Comes with 6 sockets – ideal for use at home and in the office.

With this Belkin BE112234-10 surge protector, you no longer need to replace the plug and adaptor to plug them all into the sockets supplied with the close-fitting plugs.

This Belkin 12 surge protector has 6 outputs for larger surge protector adapters with lockable adjacent outputs.

There is also a cable management clip that helps organize all the cables from the connected devices and can be removed when you don’t need them.

Power filter technology reducing EMI/RFI

The BE112234-10 provides enhanced performance for all connected and protected equipment by eliminating unwanted line interference such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Damage resistant housing+ LED Display protected

Belkin BE112234-10 Protected LED screen

Display Indicates the protected and unfounded status.

The Belkin 12 output surge protector consists of a damage-resistant housing that protects against fire, impact and rust and prevents dents and scratches.

It also has a very easy-to-understand LED status that indicates whether all connected devices are protected or not.

And if the power supply is not properly earthed, the Non-Earthed light will illuminate to indicate that the power supply is not properly earthed (see picture on the left).

With the Belkin BE112234-10, you can now sit back and relax by connecting all your valuable instruments and equipment.

High current consumption/low terminal voltage

With this Belkin joule 4156 surge protector, you can now protect most electronic and household appliances such as entertainment systems, computers, etc. from spikes and unpleasant voltage surges.

This voltage at terminals of 330V and the maximum surge of 6000V can only mean the best surge protection for all connected devices.

Integrated shield

Like most current surge protections, the BE112234-10 has a sliding protective cover for its 12 outputs to protect it from dust and curious fingers.

Integrated Coaxial and Ethernet protection

This Belkin 12 socket not only prevents voltage spikes that can damage devices connected via 12 sockets, but also has protection for coax cables (1 input, 2 outputs, RJ11 phone/fax) and Ethernet protection to protect junction boxes and satellite cables, as well as network devices such as routers, switches, etc.

Lifetime Warranty and $300,000 Belkin Guarantee for connected devices

Belkin power supply with 12 Load Surge Protection, 10 Load Cable and Phone Protection, Ethernet, Coax, BE112234-10

The Belkin power supply with 12 Load Surge Protection BE112234-10 is guaranteed for life and $300,000 for connected equipment, making it a reassuring purchase right out of the box.

Always ensure that the line filter is connected to a properly earthed power outlet. An earthed socket can prevent the security equipment from being protected. Always call an electrician if you think there are wiring problems with the plug. Incorrect earthing can be a danger to your valuable built-in equipment and, more importantly, to safety (fire risk).

Our Overview of Belkin 12 (BE112234-10)

9.5/10 General Ratings

This Belkin 4156 Joule line filter, with its damage-resistant housing, can protect up to 12 units of household and office equipment. Since there are up to 6 outlets, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice the free outlets for voluminous adapters. And with a Belkin $300,000 warranty on connected devices, this surge protector shouldn’t make sense to you.

Peak voltage suppression evaluation 4156 – 10/10

LED indicators are protected / shielded – 9/10

6 sockets – 9.5/10

Sliding protective caps for the 12 outputs – 9/10


  • Powerful surge suppression coefficient of 4156
  • 6 sockets for voluminous and cumbersome adapters with retractable protective covers
  • LED message for protected and unfounded condition
  • Fault-resistant housing with cable management clamp
  • Powerful EMI and RFI filters improve machine productivity
  • Reinforced power cable 3 meters long with an angled plug.


  • The length of the power supply cable is slightly shorter than the length shown on the display.
  • Low leakage with sliding protective caps for some shafts.

Unlocking and flashing BE112234-10 from Belkin

Assessing existing customers

More than 90% of Belkin BE112234-10 buyers have virtually no problems with the detainee and are generally satisfied with their purchase.

Minor defects – What to expect

A very small minority of buyers point out that the length of the power cord is not 3 meters as advertised. In addition, some users of the BE112234-10 feel a slight tension when opening and closing the sliding protective caps of the sockets.

Some even said that the clip to control the cable is not very useful. There isn’t a perfect product in this world that can satisfy us all, is there?

Find out why 12 outputs of 4156 Joule Surge Protector in the Amazon have received excellent feedback.

Who should buy this?

Because this high-performance Belkin 12 surge protector comes complete with 4156 joules and 10 foot cable, it’s ideal for homeowners with a wide variety of devices, computer equipment and peripherals. It is also ideal for offices with many interconnected printers, laptops, projectors, network devices, etc.

Who shouldn’t buy this?

Buying this surge protector is a bit stretchy if you are a student or homeowner who only needs to connect a handful of devices. People who don’t have a coaxial or estern network connection at home probably have to miss it. If you belong to a category, a Belkin BE108200-06 8-outlet arrester is a much better choice for you.

Does the price match this Belkin BE112234-10?

At a price of less than $30, and given its many features and high joule suppression values, we really think this surge protector is a good deal for home and office owners who can own many expensive devices and equipment, most of which have a large and bulky power supply.

Important product information and specifications

Data line protection: RJ-11 Telephone/modem/fax/DSL protection (1 inch, 2 outputs); coaxial/cable protection; RJ-45 Ethernet pro.


Max. Splash voltage: 6000V

AC Switch Type: right angle

Terminal voltage: 330V

EMI/RFI noise filters: 150K Hz ~ 100M Hz, up to 75dB

Non-registration indicator: Yeah, red.

Only joules: 3996J

Overload protection: Yes

Safe disconnection: Yes

Position of transformer: Supports 6 large transformer plugs without cover for the other sockets.

Product height : 15.1 inch

Product length : 2.2 inch

Width of product : 6 inches

Product weight : GBP 2,4

Certification: UL 1449 (protection against voltage spikes)

What else do I need to know about this Belkin 12 exhaust surge protector?

You can also watch a video presentation that shows how to use the Belkin BE112234-10 network filter.

Learn more about Belkin BE112234-10

Conclusion – By Experts

As mentioned earlier, this Belkin 12 Network Filter can be unnecessarily dangerous if you do not have as many coaxial or network devices or devices to connect.

But if you’re struggling with large outlets and need surge protection for many devices and power supplies, the BE112234-10 can be the hero protecting all your valuable equipment and installations from unpleasant spikes and voltage surges.



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