APC P11VT3 Surge Protection Device – Detailed Review


Last update : 7. March 2020

Most homeowners are unaware that a rapid increase in voltage and energy flow, such as spikes and temporary power surges, can cause serious damage to their valuable and expensive electrical equipment and installations. And if you’re a person who can’t live without a phone line, DSL or coaxial connection, it makes sense to have the APC P11VT3 network filter that provides full protection for all your electrical components, phone line, DSL and coaxial connection at home or in the office.

APC 3020 Joule 11-Output Surge Protection with telephone, DSL and coaxial protection, SurgeArrest Performance (P11VT3) No one wishes to return a newly purchased electronic equipment due to damage caused by unexpected power surges or sudden surges for warranty or replacement. If you want to be safe from these unwanted guests (irregular voltages and spikes) that reach the power lines in your home, it is best to choose a really reliable surge protector that can block these destructive spikes.

The APC P11VT3 is not only capable of blocking most power surges and spikes, but its high Joule value (3020 to be precise) is likely to save the lives of your electrical devices time and time again. If your budget is limited, you’ll be happy to know that this surge protector won’t cost you a fortune.

We have divided this report into several sections, so be sure to read it and see for yourself if P11vt3 is suitable for your home or office.


APC P11U2Main Features

Transmission line protection – Blocking of reversed electrical peaks is just as important as surge protection in transmission lines. With the P11VT3, you enjoy full protection against all types of voltage spikes for all our valuable electronic devices.

Safety mode is a very powerful function that we want to make available to all other brands and models. As soon as the surge protector no longer protects the connected devices, disconnect the power supply to prevent spikes and unpredictable voltage peaks. It’s a very ingenious feature.

EMI/RFI Network Interference Filtering – No more data errors or keyword locks after protecting your electronic equipment with P11VT3.

Phone line splitter – With this built-in splitter you can now enjoy the best of both worlds by using a phone line and a modem line at the same time (is it still used by everyone?). It’s cool, right?

Reset circuit – Easy recovery from overload, no fuse replacement required.

High Joule value – A high Joule value of a peak voltage and transient protection is higher the longer the service life. It can better protect all connected devices from unpleasant voltages, sacrificing the life of the Joule.

Child safety curtains – this feature is required when your baby is crawling around the house. It is very likely that their curious little fingers will be plugged into an outlet without a safety valve.

Notification LED – Overload and protection indicator are two very useful notifications you should have when you receive a surge protector for your home or office.

8-foot Rotating Power Cord – Though it may be too long for some, our team and our customers are happy that it reaches even the most inaccessible outlets.

Lifetime Warranty – In addition to a lifetime warranty, APC also offers a $100,000 hardware protection policy that covers virtually all connected devices in the event of a catastrophic event.


APC 11-Surge Arrestor 3020 Joule with telephone, DSL and coaxial protection, SurgeArrest power (P11VT3)

11-output 3020 joules APC surge protector with telephone, DSL and coaxial protection

  • 3020 joules surge protector
  • 11 The sum of the surge protection outputs with the safety valves, 6 outputs are arranged via a large adapter unit.
  • Telephone and coaxial surge protection on data lines
  • 8′ cord with a 180 degree turn and a right angle.
  • Lifetime warranty and $100,000. Equipment protection policy ensures peace of mind

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APC P11VT3 surge protector – What do you like?

It goes without saying that we are of course very impressed with the new installation of the circuit breaker, which can easily be carried out without having to replace the fuses or go to the switchboard. Every outstanding feature is a safety mode, which is mandatory in our book. There is no point in running the power supply current through all connected devices if the surge protector is no longer able to protect against surge.

9.5 General assessment

If you are looking for a low-priced, stylish arrester that offers full protection (phone/data/coax) against unpleasant power surges, the APC P11VT3 should be in your shopping cart.


  • safety mode
  • Resetting the switch
  • Malfunction filtering in the EMI/RFI line
  • Rectangular connector
  • Display for building wiring errors
  • Overload display
  • Telephone line splitter
  • Protection of data lines
  • lifelong guarantee


  • No USB ports
  • Waterproof sockets
  • The string is too long

If you have a network installed in your home or office, you will be pleased to know that APC also offers a similar network model with Cat-5 Ethernet ports.

And for those who are in favour of a main switch with an outlet, take a look at this model, which is just as amazing as the others.

We know that not everyone needs 11 outlets in a surge protector. For those who need smaller handles, there is a model with eight handles with similar characteristics and quality.

Product specification APC P11VT3

Product information  
Dimensions of the product 13.7 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches
Product weight one pound
Shipping weight GBP 2,6
Model number P11VT3

APC P11VT3 Slight defects – What to expect

We have failed a few of our customers’ units after a while (usually one or two connectors), replacement has been quick and easy, and most of our customers are quite satisfied with the way APC handles warranty claims. Moreover, some claim that the line is too long (with a pale face), and others say that some sockets are too narrow to be crossed.

Who should buy it?

If you are a heavy user of intelligent electronic devices and cannot afford downtime for phone, data and coax, you are probably the right candidate for this APC P11VT3.

You can see the last prize here.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

If you live in a simple home environment or have a small installation in your office with lots of electrical equipment and gadgets, you probably won’t need this model, which is equipped with 11 sockets, not to mention telephone protection, coax cable and data line. A more suitable model would be an Amazonbasics surge protector with fewer features you probably don’t need.

Is the price reasonable?

What are the costs of a complete protection against supply voltage and transient surges? The price is certainly in the right proportion to what you get. The useful features and sleek design of this surge protector are the icing on the cake that makes the best shot for your dollar.

Consumer control APC P11VT3

Most P11VT3 buyers are full of praise for this feature, a rich line filter. Most impressive is the integrated staple protection and the clever positioning of the sockets, so that plugs with large bricks at the end can be used without the need for empty sockets. Some of them have shown that their plugs and sockets are not damaged after massive power surges, proving once again that APC has what it takes to produce excellent surge protections.

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Conclusion – do you have to understand?

APC is a well-known brand for many quality products, and if you are looking for an inexpensive surge protector that fully protects all your electronic, coaxial, telephone and data line equipment, then the APC P11VT3 is really the one to add to your shopping cart.


Is the APC P11VT3 equipped with an angled plug to place the furniture against the wall?

Yes, it comes with an extra 45 degree angle on the left side so that it can be plugged into the top socket and it also has an identical or rectangular socket on the bottom.

Is the APC P11VT3 equipped with keyholes for safe mounting?

Yes, it has two holes for key screws, so it can be securely attached to the wall.

What is the length of the P11VT3 output cable?

8 feet or 2.4 meters

What are the dimensions of P11VT3?

Dimensions 13.7 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches.

Where can I get more technical information about the P11VT3?

More technical information can be found here.

Additional product information

The installation instructions can be found here.
The warranty booklet can be found here.



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